Wednesday, April 26, 2006

A to Z Me

I saw this on another site and liked it, so I'm tapping back into my juvenile roots and doing it. :-)

Accent: Southern (more so when I talk to people from back home)
Booze: If it doesn't taste good, why waste the calories? Daquaris are good, virgin tastes fine.
Chore I Hate: Mopping, vacuuming, sweeping, bathrooms....should I go on?
Dog or Cat: LOVE cats, but due to sisterly alleries, I'm going to get a purse dog in the next year
Essential Electronics: TI 84 Plus Silver Edition, laptop, TV,, all electronics :-
Favorite Cologne(s): Lots of scents...I love Eternity and Obsession
Gold or Silver: Silver
Hometown: Woodstock, GA
Insomnia: Yes and always at the worst possible times
Job Title: High school Algebra teacher
Kids: None of my own, but I love my niece as if she were my own
Living arrangements: Alone in an aweseome apartment
Most admirable trait: Can organize like mad crazy
Number of sexual partners: ZERO
Overnight hospital stays: none that I recall
Phobias: All things creepy crawly; pitch black dark when my imagination is quite active; scary movies
Quote: I have lots, and I can't think of one now
Religion: Christian; Church of Christ
Siblings: one sister
Time I wake up: when I have days between 6 and 7:30am; weekends who knows!
Unusual talent or skill: Unusual? I can shake and feel a wrapped box and tell you what's in it (99% accuracy!)
Vegetable I refuse to eat: SOOOO many -- Brussel Sprouts are one
Worst habit: so many, so little time...
X-rays: I've had them.
Yummy foods I make: Potato Soup, Spinach Lasagna, Cakes, etc
Zodiac sign: Pices (the fish, like how I swim like a fish!)

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Ants Go Marching Two by Two

Ants invaded overnight! Sadly they appear to have come in from the cold into the base of my stairs in my apartment. Even sadder, I didn't notice the worst of it until I got to school: they invaded my purse bc I had a box of MilkDuds in it! Darn it. Since this is my favorite purse so far, I fought the urge to toss it all, and I dumped it and cleaned out all the ants...I hope I got all of them. Major downside is now my skin is crawling! Yuck.

Last night was really great. I had planned on going over to LaRae's to get some hairbows to show someone at work today and then heading home to go read on my balcony until the bugs got me. Instead, Randy was working late, so LaRae and I went to Costco to look for a chair for my balcony. Then, he was still not coming home, so we went to the mall for dinner at Rollerz (SOOOO GOOD!) and to let Katelyn look at the fish and play in the playplace. It was just really nice and relaxing to have fun with LaRae and not worry about the bows. Lately all I've been doing is going to her house and working on bows. It's nice to have a break...we've finally got our inventory built up and stuff ready for sales. Next sale in 2 or 3 weeks!

Tonight is secret sister revealing. My secret sister was Beri, and she gave me a ton of great stuff! She had to reveal early bc she won't be there tonight. Anyways, final gift was a really cute apron for when I'm cake decorating. Her gifts were really thoughtful and generous. I can't wait to reveal to mine. While I had a hard time shopping for her, I think I've gotten her some cute stuff. We'll see how she liked it all!

Let's see, what else has been going on? LaRae and I had our first bow sale on Saturday. It went ok. If you want the whole story ask us, but in short: Texas gale force winds and burning hot sun is not a fun combination! We got a lot of positive feedback on our bows though. Let's just hope that feedback turns into profit soon!

I better go now. Love to you all!

PS- Paul, to make a link, type the word you want to create the link on, highlight it, click the button at the top of your compose box that looks like a chain on a world, and type the web address of the link. :-) Hope that helps!