The keeper of the Interwebs
Joanna is just your typical Disney blogger out to share her love of all things Disney with the world. She started blogging during her high school years before blogging was cool.  (She claims this means that she was a hipster before that was cool as well! Haha!) Blogging started as a way for her to blow off steam and get her thoughts out on the Interwebs, but in the last couple of years her love of Disney has taken over her blog.  She loves to share tips about touring Walt Disney World but most enjoys writing pre-trip and trip reports about her travels to the parks.  Read one of her first Disney posts about her Disney Confessions!

Her Disney Vinylmation posts were featured on Vinylmation World (here and here).  The Best Disney World iPhone Apps made the front page on Appolicious.

Both are a bit camera shy!
When not writing, tweeting, and dreaming about Walt Disney World, Joanna teaches high school math.  She and her shih-tzu, Sprinkles, enjoy a tiny bit of space in Texas much too far from Florida for their taste.  A recent collector of Vinylmation and a cake decorator on the side, Joanna likes to spend her free time reading, shopping, watching movies, playing video games, singing, and using her creative non-mathy side to enjoy life.  Her family lives close, so she spends quite a bit of time with them.  Sarcasm and laughter are her best friends. ;-)

If you live close to her, you might see her driving around town on her Tiffany Blue Buddy Scooter. His name is Voldescoot, and she loves to see how fast she can make him go!

Joanna is still Dating Like a Disney Princess and looking for her Disney Prince.  Her post, What Are You Waiting For, details what she is hoping for in someone that will Look Past the Popcorn with her someday at Walt Disney World. 

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