Sunday, July 19, 2009

Quick Update

I realize I haven't posted about my weight loss lately, so I should probably do that since people keep asking. I just want to state, I started at 236 pounds. That's a LOT of weight on a 5'1" frame. My weight loss journey feels rather epic right now since I want to get down to 150. I'm at 210 right now. I'm thankful I'm catching this now and losing weight now instead of getting heavier.

As of today I've lost right at 26 pounds. I want to have lost an even 30 by the time school starts again (4 weeks from now). The last 4 pounds have taken me all summer - about 6 weeks. It's been a battle to say the least. I'm counting on it being easier to start really losing again once I get back to work. It's easier when I'm working because I'm not able to go out to lunch instead of eating my healthy cooked meal. I'm more hungry for dinner after work because it's been a long day, so I'm not tempted to skip a real dinner (which can hurt your weight loss). I also have actual bells going off all day that help me meet goals like drinking 3 cups of water between each set of bells. I never thought I'd be able to lose weight during the school year, but more and more this summer I'm realizing how much easier it is while working.

When I'm working, I'm on my feet mostly all day, and I'm burning more calories. To counteract the loss of activity this summer, I've started working out. I think I've been going about 3 weeks now. I try to do 5K on the treadmill daily. I'm gradually getting faster at it and less self conscious about it. At first I really hated how much sweat was produced by my work out, but now I don't care because it means my body isn't so hot while I work out! I also had horrid shin splints when I started, but those are really calming down. It's nice to see my body changing.

Today my shoe and sock were rubbing painfully against one of my heels, so I paused my treadmill to fix it. When I went to start the treadmill again, I hit the stop button which reset my treadmill 0.45 miles from the end of my 5K... I gave up and stopped. I did, however, use the time I skipped on the treadmill to start my weight training for my arms. I'm not doing weights on my legs (for now) because they're big enough, but my arms could use some strength and some muscle. I'll do that every other day now.

My biggest fear is that my body is getting too used to my workout, and now that's contributing to my plateau. I like doing 5K a day because I can watch for improvement. I have a set goal. I know I shouldn't let my body get used to my workout though. Maybe I should try a 5K program that works with interval training to get me running the 5K. I might look for something like that.

OK, so biggest surprise lately for me -- even when you eat a salad at a restaurant, the sodium levels are still waaaay higher than something you would make at home. Salt intake is something I am really noticing makes a HUGE difference.

Another surprise has come about today. When I was in the weight section, there were mirrors all over, and I could really get a look at myself. Today I randomly grabbed a size L shirt to workout in (I usually stick to XL for workouts even though I can comfortably wear a L now and look nice), and I was wearing fairly skin tight to the knees workout pants. Normally catching a glimpse of my full length reflection would cause me to shudder and turn away. In fact, I don't have a full length mirror in my apartment. Today though, I stopped and looked, and I could REALLY see the changes in my body! I'm not under 200 pounds yet, but I'm happy with the changes -- not happy with my body yet, but happy it's changing.

Biggest thing I'm not going to miss - back fat rolls. Sorry, was that TMI? TOO BAD! They're pretty much gone now, and I LOVE my smooth back! :-)

Thank you for all the support you have all shown to me. All the compliments and comments about me "shrinking" really help. I'm doing this for me, but it's great when others notice, and it really keeps me going. :) Thanks again!