Saturday, November 25, 2006

Back from Georgia

"Home" was actually really nice. Sprinkles had a good time having 3 people to play with him all day, and he slept really well (which meant I slept GREAT). We got to go see the Titanic Exhibit while I was there. Since I was completely obsessed with Titanic when I was in middle school/high school, it was really interesting to get to see some of the real artifacts up close. (Yeah, I was prone to obsession even back then...) Anyways, not too many facts or points I hadn't learned previously, but I still found it quite fascinating. Mom and Dad really seemed to enjoy it as well.

The flight there and back was good. Well rephrase, the way back was wonderful and restful, the way there I broke down into tears bc the dog barked so much and people were so rude, and honestly he's a dog with his own can I force him to shut up when they make him stay under the seat? He was scared and I ended up being allowed to put him in his bag in my lap with my hand in the carrier for the rest of the two hour plane ride, but about 30 minutes of it was constant barking. Sigh. I knew it was coming...I just didn't expect it to be so hard. I totally sympathize with parents of screaming kids now.

I'm about to head home to decorate my Christmas tree. It's green glittery tinsel...and as Randy puts it, "not a surprise to anyone." I'm thinking about trying to do a table for the church Christmas party. I have one really pretty idea and one really funny one, but I'd have to have people at the table with a good sense of humor who would think they were at the sucky table. Hmmmm.... Hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving and were blessed this year with a peaceful holiday like me. Love you all.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Over committed?!

I've been called over-committed to my dog. I must admit, I love him to death, and he's the center of my world right now, but that will calm down as he gets older. He's really been sick lately which makes him feel more and more mind consuming. I feel like I have someone to depend on me, be there when I get home, and give me more of a purpose. Be happy for me please. I know it's a joke, but you all have husbands, wives, and kids. I have a dog. At least I'm not moping around and feeling sorry for my single self anymore.

On that note, I fly to GA tomorrow. I'm excited and anxious. I'm petrified the dog will bark the whole flight. I was honestly looking forward to the break from him and potty breaks and accidents and play biting and ... he's really sweet, but sometimes I wish I had someone else around just to play with him. Anyways -- GA! It's really nice to be off from school. It's also nice to know pretty soon another big break is coming, and I'll get to be home that whole time. I love being home and having nothing to do. I can't wait for next summer!

Last night Elf was on, so I turned it on both TV sets, so I could watch pretty much wherever I was and started baking cookies for the potluck today. Turns out that much Christmas in one movie combined with my recently bought Christmas tree was too much to withstand (oh yeah the blaring Christmas music in all the stores yesterday added to this breakdown), and so I decorated the apartment for Christmas last night! Yep, that's right...BEFORE Thanksgiving. Here's my logic though:
1. I didn't trim the tree, I just set it up, so I'm not done...
2. Now when I get home from GA (after Thanksgiving), my home will be all Christmas cozy ready for me!
3. I have really cute stuff for Christmas that I want to enjoy longer.
4. Now instead of decorating next weekend, I can do laundry and relax! :-) whoo hoo!

I better go. I need to see if any of my bills are posted online yet, and I need to go start packing...I guess. Love you all! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Oh yeah, I've decided to post a random picture everytime I post from my laptop. I'm going to start with cakes. This is the first wedding cake I did. Fondant is bumpy, but it tasted good! (No, I didn't make the flowers...they're real.

Sunday, November 12, 2006


Finally I'm on my laptop and able to get to blogspot, so I can post pictures of my baby! Here's Sprinkles! Here he is about to pounce on a tennis ball. Yeah, he usually thinks he's a cat... Of course, I'm going to let him get in full coat this winter, so he'll sort of look like a cat too.

Here he is in his favorite t-shirt. It says "Hello My name is ADORABLE!" Isn't he???

He's a bit over 7 pounds right now. He's also a little furball who's full of energy! Here's a picture of him as a 2-3 pound puppy. I can't believe how tiny he was! Oh yeah, yes, that's my tiny hand holding him up if that gives you something to compare his size to. Also, the light brown under his chin is his coloring, not him being dirty! I tried to wash it off during his first bath....doesn't wash off. Usually you can't really see his eyes bc of the mask of black covering them.

Right now I'm having a bit of a scare bc he has Giardia, an intestinal parasite from stagnant water or using the grass where other dogs have gone. Anyways, I didn't find that out until I was done with 2 hours at the vet Friday evening... They put fliuds under the surface of his skin/fur on Friday and put him on two meds and a bland diet, but our outside time is still not looking correct. I was told to drop him off tomorrow if things don't look right, so looks like he'll be at the vet tomorrow. I'm super worried about this, and I really just want him to get better. He's still eating, drinking, and playing normal, so I know he's not about to drop dead, but he's in danger of dehydration. Pray for us. He's not going to be able to get his last boosters on time to go to the petshotel over Thanksgiving since he's been sick, so Mom and Dad offered to let him come on the flight with me, so we'll be going to GA together. Should be interesting...

Saturday, November 04, 2006


Why do I even read my college friends' blogs? It only makes me miss them enough that I wish I had the nerve to pick up the phone and call them or type an email....but then I just think, "They haven't called, and they've moved on from our friendship and get along without missing me, so I guess I should to..." But I miss them. I miss the fun we had in college, and I hate that I'm so freakin' reclusive that I don't do something about it.

I hate that arguements with some of them made us fall away before we even left college. I hate that it was so bad that I couldn't suck it up and talk to you instead of trying to avoid being around you at all costs. To those of you who we ended or friendships early...I'm sorry. You picked me up from the airport only to find me asleep on a bench, and still let me ride in your car when I was vomiting. And YOU, You were my roommate when I went through my grandfather's death and let me cry on you so many times. I hate that I remember why we fought bc I'm cursed with a freakishly good memory, and I hate that I can't tell them that I'm over it. If any of ya'll read this: congrats on your victories and good news. I miss you. I'm sorry I'm such a chicken. I always thought I was a better friend than this.

Longer new blog below.

The Art of Blogging

Over a month between blogs. That’s definitely new for me! Funny thing is I’ve been writing blogs in my head for a while now on what I’d put up once I got to a computer where I could post. In fact I’m writing this in Word, so I can email it to myself and post it really quick this afternoon on my way home.

I’ve been reading other people’s blogs a lot lately. While I’ve been reading, I few things about blogging have really stuck out to me. The main thing is the type of blogger some people are versus the type of blogger I am, so I’ve been thinking of a list. I am not the type of blogger…
…who can type about one random event that may or may not even give you insight into me and my life. When I write, I tell you what’s going on with me. My blog is about me and what’s around me. A lot happens.
…who can make everyday occurrences funny. I just write about what’s going on. If it strikes you as funny, good. Often my life is boring, so my blog is boring!
…who can be mysterious and elusive, so that my readers have no idea what I’m talking about. I have a lot of friends who blog like that. They have an issue and they dance around it and don’t put it out there. I can’t do that. I did in college, and that type of blogging can get one in trouble.
…who can write something worthwhile enough to elicit lots of comments or people discussing my blog in real life. I’m just not that interesting nor do I write mind blowing commentary.

I’m just someone who writes about me, and I don’t do it because I’m so self-centered. I do it, so people I’ve gone to college with can catch up on me without picking up the phone and so I can get my thoughts out. When I go home, I have no one to share my day with, and I’m not one of those people who can just tell it all to the dog. I’m not dumb. He doesn’t have a clue what I’m talking about! In fact, all he really cares about is if I play with him! I need to know there’s a chance that someone will hear me. In college and sometimes here, there were whole weekends where I would have no interaction with humans (well at least not ones that I could have discussions with). I would not talk except to myself (mildly…ya know like when you are looking for something and say, now where is that?) or thank the person in the drive thru. The weeks after those weekends I would drive my friends and family crazy because I would finally get to use my voice and would just overflow with discussion. Yeah, that’s how this blog entry is going to be. I haven’t “talked” in so long, and I have so much to tell my audience…. And when I say “audience” I know most of you don’t read my blog; you just come here to get the links to everyone else’s blog. It’s ok. Happy to help.

I’ve decided to do a topical update on my life, so you can scroll to the area that interests you and skip the stuff you don’t care about. Wouldn’t it be easier if I’d do this when you talk to me in person? Then my rambling wouldn’t be so bad.

I love my puppy! I dropped him off to get fixed today…well he wasn’t broken, but you know. He is so great to come home to, and having him at home has made me work more reasonable hours. Now I come it at 7am and stay until 4:15pm (except the two days I stay until 5pm). Good hours for me. I’m also not taking as much home. I think that’s an accomplishment. Anyways – this is the dog section! I didn’t realize how attached he was to me until Mom and Dad came, and he hated it when I left him outside with Dad to run into the apartment to get something. I didn’t think I’d have such a bond with him so fast. He’s just so special and such fun to have. I don’t feel so lonely anymore. I don’t fall into despair about being alone so much. OK, he is a bit high maintenance though…I’ve already have to take him to the Pet ER and another time to have vomiting induced. I’m told he’s being a normal, curious puppy… (update after I wrote this: he slept on me all Friday afternoon/night. What a change! He's up to his normal hyper hijinx now though, so I'm having to try to stop him from jumping off of furniture and such. Something tells me he'd be mad if his stitches got ripped...)

Yeah, still single and still looking, but I’m looking more skeptically now. I try to see myself through the eyes of the guys I’m checking out, and all I do is realize I’m not getting checked out, nor is what they are seeing all that great. The one possible “crush” for lack of a better word elicited this line from a friend, “so nipple ring isn’t a deal breaker, how’s ‘3-year-old daughter’ for ya?” Yeah, that would be the deal breaker. No real prospects though. People I’d like to be prospects? Always. Sometimes I think for me to be loved, I have to actually love myself. Other times I feel like for God to bless me with someone significant in my life, I have to fully be “right” with Him first. If not, I don’t deserve something that good to happen. Sometimes I just sit down and think it has nothing to do with me loving me or me being right with God and everything to do with my appearance and annoying habits I have and me being an annoying person in general. I talk to much. I don’t always dress great or wear makeup. I most certainly don’t always say the most socially acceptable things. I am always looking for approval. I used to be told I was so mature for my age. Maybe I’ve “matured out” and now I’m acting my age… I hate acting my age. I always want to seem older than I am because I don’t want people to think I can’t be something or do something because of how old I am. Oops, I’m not staying true to my topic. I moved on to “me bashing” which I didn’t intend to be a topic.

Parents were in town recently. Apparently I got super stressed because I broke out in hives. Ouch. It was good to see them though. Katelyn continues to be so loving and so sweet. If I can’t have a kid (other than a puppy), she’s a pretty great little substitute. I’m eager to get to be there to do fun stuff with her, so she doesn’t feel forgotten when the new baby comes. Although I can’t wait for my new niece or nephew! Maybe with this one I won’t gag when they sit up… Yeah right! I’m going to GA for Thanksgiving, and my baby will be at the Petshotel. Hope that goes well. LaRae and I’s bow stuff is going pretty well. The last show was great, so I’m hoping that’s a good sign.

I think I’ll put this as the final topic in my forever long post. Church is good. Nursery volunteers have come through, and I’ve been able to make the schedule work out. The ski trip got cancelled. Yes, I cried. I don’t have a family to go on vacation with me, so that was my chance to get away and go somewhere other than “home” to GA. It was a huge disappointment. I’m just hoping we’ll go again soon. I LOVE to ski. I’m not that great, but there’s something about it that’s so amazing! I actually asked around about a church with a good singles’ group and talked to someone from Lewisville C of C. I might go there on Sunday or Wednesday nights. It feels like such a betrayal to go somewhere else and split my loyalty to VRCC. VRCC has become a family to me, but it’s not totally meeting my spiritual needs. I think having people in the faith that are single and going through the same things I am going through, so that we can fellowship together is a spiritual issue. I know we don’t have the singles’ for a group at VRCC, but I also need a place to go that realizes that (please don’t hate me for saying this) college students and single, young professionals are NOT the same group! Once you graduate from college, there’s a big change that happens. I need people who worry about paying the rent and work issues and such, not people who worry about their next club social or intramural sports! I know I’m over characterizing the two groups, but please think about the difference between you when you left college and started your first job and a college freshman or sophomore. Admit it…there’s a big difference. Trying to force these two groups together and calling it a singles’ group isn’t going to work. Sorry. Oh yeah, I’ll set off my soap box now. Church is good.

Life is good right now. Are there little hitches and things that aren’t so great, well yeah. Do I always get over it? Yes. I better run. If you made it this far…awesome! Sorry this wasn’t funny or really insightful. When I can finally afford internet at home, and I can post more regular, maybe I can become one of the bloggers listed above. Until then…be prepared to be bored some more.