Friday, December 28, 2007

85% Sure

Thank you to all of you who have expressed concern. I wanted to do a fairly quick update since things seem to change daily in this car ordeal. First and foremost I want to stress that I am trying to see the blessings in this and make good of it. I am mostly in one piece. :-) LaRae told me tonight that my description of the accident when I called her right after it happened made her laugh: "I was sitting there and all of a sudden my hair was messed up!" My bro-in-law said something of the same ilk when he was rear-ended: "I was driving and suddenly my rear-view mirror was gone, and my head really hurt!" Rear-endings are such a shocker...

Today the insurance adjuster came out to talk medical to me. I'm doing medical through my auto's PIP, so they (the guy who hit me's insurance) cut me a nice little check in addition to that. The adjuster took pictures of my car and stated "Wow! A Grand Am hit you? It looks like a truck hit you! He must have been going really fast!" Yep. He was thanks... did I forget to tell you he broke my car, sir? :-) Anyways, he then asked if I had a place I wanted to go to get the repairs done! I said, "seriously? They're going to fix that?!" (Not to mention that it will NEVER drive the same after this, and it will have this glaring accident on its record when I go to resale it in a year or so.) He said he could fill out a worksheet to see if it's totalled. When he figured in the damage to the driver's seat, it totaled my car on paper. Now his deal is to work on the medical, set me up with a rental car, and help me get my car to the shop. He scratched the info he had given me on what shop to take the car to and had me leave it in my garage. He's referring my claim to the total loss department to have them officially total it. He said he's "85% sure" they'll total it. However, he also told me that the total loss department "sucks," so it could take a week to a month. He told me not to expect to hear from them until next week though.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, he very kindly set me up with a rental car. I am now driving a 2006 PT Cruiser. It's such a cool car! Want to know the best feature (keep in mind mine was a 1999 Cavalier with no power locks or windows)? The key has buttons on it to lock and unlock the doors! How fun is that?! I will admit thought - this car is like a guy you'll date for fun on the weekends but who just isn't marriage material. I like the car. It's fun to drive, but it's not what I want in a permanent car for me. :-) It's nice to have a good car for the month I'll be without one though. I was afraid I'd get a really crappy tiny car (not much different than my own)!

I also went to the chiropractor today. She took x-rays and did an adjustment. I've never been to a chiropractor before, so I must say I was pleasantly surprised. It didn't magically fix me, but I do feel a little bit better. I can see how it's going to help in the long run. By the way official diagnosis is whip-lash... soft tissue damage. Yep.

I'm going to end this post with a quick kudos to the companies who have really helped me and done their jobs well. I know that these people were just doing they job and treating me like any other customer, but the fact that they all did it kindly and efficiently shows what great training their employees have. Nationwide (the guy's insurance) has really helped me a ton thus far. They have been kind, sympathetic, and most importantly - FAST. I'm still waiting to deal with the total loss department, but so far, I'm impressed. They've really seemed to act in my best interests. Enterprise car rentals has also been great. They called to confirm the car rental request as soon as the adjuster put it in, and they helped me quickly when I got there. They were ready to pick me up if need be to get me to the rental car, and when we got to the car, the agent actually got in and pointed out some things on the car that were tricky -- like where in the world the window controls were (middle of the front dash...weird, eh?). GEICO is my car insurance and again they were great and helpful when I called about my PIP, so I could go to the doctor. They had the claim ready for me to go to the doctor by my appointment today. The speed these insurance companies have moved with thus far has been great. Finally Dr. Suzan Smith's office has been great. She's the chiropractor. They know LaRae, but they were really kind to me, and they got me in quick to see them. I'm pumped to have a new doctor that I actually like. :-)

I'll keep you posted with the car-being-totalled news, but for now I'm just healing as I enjoy my fancy rental car and surf the net for a new car. Not for sure I'll get to get a new car, but it's always fun to look. :-) G'night ya'll!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Crash into Me

I'd post pictures of this, but I don't have the link at home to put the pictures on my computer.

So today I decided to go have lunch with Julie. Since I wasn't in a huge hurry, I took time to get gas on the way and try a different route to I-35 to scope out for work. Little did I know that bit of time would really put me in the wrong place at the wrong time. I was listening to my "Celtic Woman" CD and trying to get on the 35 service road (at Corporate) when the car in the left lane on the service road decided to get in the lane I wanted in (the right lane). So I briefly took my foot off the brake and put it back when I realized it wasn't safe to pull out. Next thing I know my body is flailing about in my car, my hair is flying every which way, and my headband and cell phone have flown goodness knows where. I got rear ended real real hard. Honestly I thought the guy on the service road would then crash into me, and I would die...thankfully that didn't happen. The guy who hit me motioned for me to follow him, so we went to exchange info. Being thoughtful, I quickly called Julie to tell her I'd be late for lunch! Can we say "Joanna was in SHOCK"!? Yes, in my shock I actually recall thinking, maybe that didn't really mess my car up much... riiiiiight....

The damage to Frodo, yes my car has a name, was great. The trunk is smashed in (won't open), the bumper is ruined, the right tail-light is somewhere on the service road still, the right back side panel has buckled, and get this -- the driver's seat is broken. Yep, the force he hit me with caused my body to slam back and forth that hard! I really felt a bit like a ragdoll. When I got back in my car I realized the seat back was totally reclined. Driving to Julie's (after the said exchange of info), I noticed my feet didn't quite reach the pedals. I thought that was due to the seat being laid back. Nope - I think I locked my knees (something we're always told not to do in band camp, so it's a wonder I did it now) and actually slammed my seat back a couple of inches! So yeah, the seat is broken. I told the guy's insurance it's not drivable since that can't be very safe. Tomorrow morning the insurance adjustor is coming to talk to me about it all and to see the car. I've got to see a doctor tomorrow as well because I'm in quite a bit of pain and pretty stiff in the neck and shoulders.

Big question: will they total my car? If so, how much will they give me? I have a hard time believing they're going to fix all of the above issues on a 1999 Chevy Cavalier cheaper than they can just pay it out. I've already been looking online at cars. If I have to get a new one, and I get it before December is over, I can get a year end deal. I am sooooo desiring a Nissan Murano, but unless it's an amazing deal, I can't afford that. So my back ups are a Honda CR-V or a Ford Escape. Both pretty, both nice... we'll see.

I've never been in a car accident before. I don't ever want to be in one again, but I must say, I have to be one of the nicest people to get in a wreck with. The poor guy kept apologizing, and I kept saying, "it's ok, accidents happen... it will all work out." See. Isn't that nice? :-) Really though this is another of those "firsts" in the adult world that I have to deal with on my own. Mom said she wished she was here to hug me and help me... maybe it's best I figure this out on my own (for the most part) -- it will probably help me be more independent in the long run. Please pray it does all work out and that the soreness goes away and thank God I'm ok for the most part.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas Hoopla!

Wade tagged me, so here I am finally updating with 12 random things about Christmas (and me). Yes, the timestamp on this blog entry is correct. I took a 3+ hour nap this afternoon and thus threw off my sleep schedule for yet another week. I figure if I'm awake, I should try to be productive. Oh yeah, I have been productive -- I finished making all my Christmas presents for the math department...
1. I love to decorate for Christmas. In fact I started the day before Thanksgiving this year! I have TWO Christmas trees and both sparkle a lot.

2. Christmas is one of my favorite holidays. Sometimes I wonder if it's partially because of my love of glitter. EVERYTHING sparkles during the Christmas season... and everyone thinks that's ok. :-)

3. I believed in Santa (should this have a spoiler alert?) until at least 4th grade when Katie Jameson disdainfully asked me in during a chorus rehearsal if I "really still believed?" I said no but was lying.

4. I'll never forget the follow up to Katie ruining Christmas when I went to my mom and proudly proclaimed, "I know Santa's NOT real!" She calmly told me how sad that was because if I didn't believe, there would be no presents because those all came from Santa. Apparently a lot of time and energy was put into not spoiling Santa for the baby of the Crawford family. :-) I love that!

5. I have taken Sprinkles to see Santa. I did so with my head held high as if it was the most normal thing to do in the world. I mean, come on, don't all of you take your pets to the mall to see Santa?! I think the highlight of the trip was watching the Boxer puppy (huge puppy) ahead of us knock Santa's hat and glasses across the mall! ( I also have a Santa hat and elf costume for Sprinkles. So funny to see him in. I'll try to post pictures soon. If you live in my home, you must be in the Christmas spirit!)

6. A family tradition used to be that we'd all open our gifts from Michigan (Mom's family lives in Michigan) on Christmas Eve. One year Mom told everyone LaRae and I needed socks...that was about all we got that year. Looking back at the pictures you can tell we're "sooo happy" about the million pairs of socks!

7. I have an uncanny ability to tell what is behind the wrapping of ANY present. Let me feel it, and I can tell you what it is. This used to irritate my mother so badly because I'd tell them what the present was before I opened it (down to the movie or CD title). I still am not allowed to touch presents before Christmas morning...or even see them wrapped! There have been a couple of stumpers over the years like the Harry Potter print LaRae and Randy gave me. 4th grade I kept saying a present for LaRae and I was a idea why I thought we'd get one, but I was right. :-) (Thus it began!)

8. I love getting my Christmas shopping done by Thanksgiving every year. It's a being organized pride thing. I mostly have done so this year.

9. Every other year I decide to make gifts for friends or co-workers. After all of the work, the gifts are always cool, but the next year I always get lazy and just purchase something. :-) This year is one of those years. I made pens for the math department this year with school colored flowers on them. I'm baking for most everyone else. Ask me what a great idea this was 10 dozen pizzelle cookies later! Reminds me of a couple years ago when I helped LaRae bake for all her friends. The cookie press didn't work, and everything took way longer than planned... we laughed a lot. :-)

10. I'd tell you about the best present I've gotten, but there have been so many great things, so I'll tell you about the best gift giver - hands down it's LaRae. Mom and Dad usually get me cool stuff (the old school Nintendo 64 last year was a surprise and rocked), but LaRae typically stays away from my list and gets me something she'll know I'll love like a huge framed print of the cover of a Harry Potter book or a baker's rack. It's got to be something about our freaky sister-sense. She just knows me better than anyone.

11. The best gift I've given (and I think I've given some cool ones over the years) -- I'm gonna go with the dress up kit I gave Katelyn last year. I didn't want to buy one, so I painted an old hard-sided suitcase. Then I filled it with fun clothing I found at Goodwill plus some dress up clothing I had as a child. I've been adding to it some, and when Grandma passed away Mom brought Katelyn some gloves and a purse that were Grandma's to add to the kit. I think it's something that will change more and more as she grows, but it's heartfelt and something you can't buy in a store.

12. This is my first Christmas without my parents. The break is too short, and I am too broke to travel, so I'm staying in Texas to relax. I'll be with LaRae, Randy, and the kids for Christmas Day, but I fear the difference I'll feel that day.

Alright. I'm going to tag Laura, Paul, and LaRae. :-) You all read my blog (eventually), so I'll let you find that you've been tagged naturally. (Mostly bc I don't want to go comment on all of your blogs bc I'm lazy right now...)

Here are the rules:
1. List 12 random things about yourself that have to do with Christmas.
2. Please refer to it as a 'hoopla' and not the dreaded 'm'-word.
3. You have to specifically tag people when you're done. None of this "if you're reading this, consider yourself tagged" stuff is allowed...then nobody ends up actually doing it. The number of people who you tag is really up to you -- but the more, the merrier to get this 'hoopla' circulating through the blogosphere.
4. Please try and do it as quickly as possible. The Christmas season will be over before we know it and I'd like to get as many people involved as possible. (Was this quick enough, Wade? ha ha!)

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Searching for Joanna, Part II

It's been long in coming, but I thought I'd do another posting of phrases people have typed into a search engine to make it to my blog. I always enjoy reading these. :-)I'm listing them by category this time!

1. math Christmas shirts -- do we have different shirts for Christmas?
2. I need words for Christmas for my school -- is this a plea of desperation for a HW problem?
3. Christmas math comics -- again, are there special math ones?
4. CHRISTMAS FOR HIGH SCHOOL MATH -- yes, it was in all caps on the search

5. when ducks attack -- more people than me have this issue?!
6. god rubber duck pictures -- no offense, but God's not a rubber duck
7. no of ducks math -- I don't get it

Contact Advice
8. contact overwear sick -- yes, this makes your eyes sick
9. eye drops and contact overwear -- vigamoxx burns like heck by the way!

Random Animals
10. the other sister swan costume -- nope, don't own one of these
11. realistic gorilla suit -- sorry not one of these either
12. gorilla scares -- ah yes, but who did he scare?

Random ... just Random
13. the saying making an honest woman when getting married -- you really don't know where this comes from???
14. making message to a woman -- what message would you like to make?
15. churchofchristsingles -- yes, we go by this name all as one word...
16. FAR CRY inferno 3 elevator stuck -- I'm sure this has meaning to someone
17. right to shoes -- we all have a right to shoes, single women more than others though...
18. who invented icing -- I've actually tried to find the answer to this
19. changing a boy’s diaper -- I got nothing here as I've only changed Joshua twice for fear that he'll pee on me
20. message-to-anyone-who-likes-to-fwd -- who teaches you people how to search properly?!

Teacher Related
21. get well soon teacher -- thanks! I needed those well wishes a week ago
22. good happy birthday letter to a teacher -- we like happy birthday wishes that most everyone else like; teaching doesn't change that!
23. teacher making out -- excuse me?! Who looks for this, and when they do, what are they expecting to find?
24. rubber duck teacher -- I'm sorry I don't teach rubber ducks; in fact I was completely unaware they were in need of a teacher
25. teacher of the knee -- again, something I don't teach... and didn't realize needed a teacher
26. teacher bad at maths -- yes well you're bad at spellingS
27. will I like being a math teacher -- ohm ohm, oh magic 8 ball called Google.... give me my answer please... ohm ohhmmmm.
28. being a high school math teacher -- like "the state of"?
29. pictures of math teacher -- again, we look like most everyone else
30. math teacher blog -- was not impressed people found me this way
31. 1st year math teacher salary -- try checking the school district's website; sadly math teachers get paid the same as other teachers
32. fun in high school math class -- really? where? :-)
33. math teachers burnout -- it's not just math teachers...

OK, so most of these weren't as good as previous ones, but there were some real gems in there. Mostly I look at how people found me and think, "wow that was luck" because mostly I look at what they typed into the search bar and wonder what they were really thinking they were looking for and who in the world taught them a good way to search! :-) Hope you're all having a lovely December.

Coming soon: Adventures in Joanna-land where our brave heroine conquers the world of keys locked in cars with her faithful friend Paul. :-)