Wednesday, April 11, 2007

When Ducks Attack

I was planning on posting the newest ducky cake. For LaRae's baby shower I was actually able to make the duck 3D and made it stand up on the cake like a rubber ducky floating on a little pool. Sadly my camera doesn't fit in my new purse, so I don't have the files to upload. Oh well maybe later.

I've heard about karma, and honestly if anything after all these cakes, ducks should LOVE me! Who wouldn't want their likeness in a cake??? Apparently the ducks at my complex are out to prove just how hostile they are. Last summer when we went to feed them at the pond, they ran from LaRae, Katelyn, and I as well as the food we tossed to them. I mean like mass exodus from the area we were in! It was really quite bizarre. Yesterday they reached a new low. I was walking Sprinkles and talking to LaRae on the phone, and when I rounded the corner LaRae heard something like this, "Ahhhhhh! *wings flapping...feet running* QUACK! QUACK!" That's right folks, I rounded the corner and 4 (couldn't just be one!) ducks flew out of the tree at my head! I must have looked insane with my arms flailing about my head, screaming, dragging the dog by the leash, and running in circles as these ducks flew at me! So scary! Why the poop were ducks in a tree?!?!? Yes, I'm constantly prepared for an attacker to come at me, but ducks?!?!?!? Ha!

Sorry for delaying this update so long. I had a wonderfully long 4 day weekend in which I mostly relaxed and did next to nothing. I finally finished watching Firefly and the movie that followed the series ending on TV: Serenity which actually had David Krumholtz from Numb3rs who I adore as the handsome, insanely intelligent mathematician. Sigh, if only there was one of those around for me! :-) *shaking head out of daydream* Anyways, it was nice to finish those. I strongly recommend them to anyone who hasn't seen them -- it's old west meets the future in space, and it's hilarious! Just makes me really sad at the end of all of it that the show was cancelled and it all had to end with a movie. I think the network should have given it a little more time to take off. Speaking of a show taking off: anyone watch Thank God You're Here!? Over-rated. That's all the space I'll waste on it.

Other than that I've just been re-reading all the HP books again (I'm up to book 5) and pondering with LaRae what could happen in Deathly Hallows. I'm really dying for the last book to come out! Oh and of course I've been playing with Sprinkles and enjoying some quality time with him. It's been cold, so he's been rather cuddly. :-D And waiting for Joshua to arrive. LaRae's hoping for soon, like within a week or so. I'm hoping for next Friday or after (next Thursday is Math TAKS), but I'm thinking since I have no control in the matter, I'll be super happy to meet him whenever.

Hope you're all having a lovely week! It's half over. :-)