Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Heavy Stuff

Paul has already written on the VRCC and CCC possible merger. Everyone has commented on his site about it, but I want to say some stuff about it too. My first response on Sunday was to cry, so I didn't fight it and simply cried about it. Part of that is a comment Paul made to me as I was crying that "change is scary." Yeah, it is. Part of it is that I feel like I just found my place at VRCC and if we merge I'll have to find a whole new group of people to find my place with. It's scary to be single and make a place for yourself. I'm not identified with anyone else (well except for someone's sister and another's aunt). Other issues have been raised by Kent and Randy that I hadn't thought of, and those issues scare me even more. I'm going to the ice cream social, and I'm going to see what there is to learn about this option, but all in all, my initial thought right now at this very moment is that I'm apprehensive and not sure this truly is the answer to our situation.

Not much else is going on. There's a new Lost tonight, and I've got lots of junk to do until the end of the school year. WHOO HOO only about 3 more weeks until summer! I've never looked forward to the end of the school year as much as I do right now! It's a whole new world and a whole new outlook being a teacher. One last thing and then I will sign off:

I told LaRae last night that I'm really wanting to go back to being called by my full name: Joanna. Granted, I can't really do that at school (one because I introduced myself as Jo and put it on my paperwork, and two because there's another JoAnna, and that's confusing!), but I can do it at church. There is a complication with Katelyn bc she knows me as Jo. OF course we are adding Aunt to that later, so it won't be hard to elongate to Joanna I don't think. Now, finishing on the discourse about my name -- I would love for my friends to start calling me Joanna again, but I want to bring two things to your attention (which are part of the reason I liked going by Jo anyways):
1. It's spelled Joanna. The first "a" is lower case; it is one word; there are no spaces.
2. My name is pronounced (pardon my really bad phonics) Joe-anne-ah. There is an a at the end of it for a reason, and it is to be pronounced.
Yes, my name carries some pet peeves, but I believe that knowing how to say and spell a friend's name is important. It shows you care about them enough to know their moniker, and it shows you pay attention. I love you all, and I would love for you to go back to calling me Joanna, but if Joanna is too hard, feel free to stick with Jo.

There's my heavy thoughts as of late...go figure that they're really not that heavy...


  1. Okay, before anyone jumps on Joanna, I want to support the pet peevishness about names. I've lived my whole life as a Hylemon. For the record, it is two syllables: Hyle (Like Hoyle without the "o") and mon (this part varies, I usually pronounce it as "min"). After years of "Hy-Le-man", and "Hee-Le-Moan", I understand pickiness about names. and don't even get started on spelling. We do love you Joanna, and we will try to remember the name thing.

  2. Ha! Thanks Paul. Seriously, the part about my name was partly in jest, but it is a pet peeve, and pet peeves aren't always sensible. I think it started bothering me more when people would call me Joanne, and I'd correct them politely, and they'd still call me that...over and over again 5 seconds later. And when my aunt spelled my name JoAnna, and I told her it was a lower case A, and she told me it "looked prettier that way", so she'd write it like that. Her name is now spelled MarLene in my's just "prettier!" Anyways, in all seriousness, it's not a huge deal, but it is my name...not like I'm asking people to recall my show size or my perfect shade of eyeshadow. :-) Love you all!

  3. It's actually funnier if you spelled it MarleNe, it's a whole balance issue. BTW, you still haven't responded to the latest Mort.

  4. I can't think of anything for the latest Mort, and I've been super busy lately...