Monday, January 21, 2008

Sick but Happy!

So I know a lot of you have been waiting for an update on my car and such, but I've been really sick, so I'll finally update now! Last Tuesday morning I talked to the adjuster, and they totaled my car. Tuesday night I went to Saturn and bought my new Saturn VUE. :-) Hurray! Here's a picture.

It's so beautiful, and I'm so happy with it! It's really tall, so I can finally see when I drive, and it's got a lot of really nice features... which I won't go into a ton right now but maybe someday in the future. :-) Yes, it's red, or Farmer Maroon according to some other people. Yea me! So all in all, this accident has been a huge blessing. I'm healing well, and now I can pay off all of my debt and have a beautiful car. God works wonders in the face of disasters. :-)

So Tuesday I bought my car and Wednesday I woke up really really sick. Fever, cough, losing my voice, all snotty, and run down feeling. I actually went to work, but as the day went on, it became evident I was pretty darn sick. When I got home I had a fever of 100 but still went to dinner and church. When I got home my fever was over 100, and I covered up with 3 blankets (against my parents' advice) and went to sleep shaking like a leaf. I woke up around 6 am feeling scared. The walls were closing in on me. My clothing was heavy, and I was totally and utterly freaked out. So I did what any independent woman would do in a time like this -- I called Mom. :-) And cried. :-) She made me take my temperature (101.6 thank you very much), and she calmed me down. I ended up not going to work even though it was the last day of the semester, so finals and the last day of my kiddos I've worked with all year... and went to the doctor once I could crawl out of bed around noon. She gave me two shots -- yes I cried a lot over that (I'm a bit phobic there) and sent me home with an antibiotic and no real diagnosis.

Friday I thought I was ok enough I could go in to work and get my grades in and reset my room (move 30 desks) for the new semester, so I did. Then I went on a scavenger hunt for food for Sprinkles and made it home to lay down for a bit then went out to dinner with LaRae and the family.... yep, I overdid it... like real hard. I literally spent all of Saturday and Sunday in bed. I got up today to go to the chiropractor and play with the kids a bit and have been back in bed all afternoon and evening. Wow this is the first time in years that I've had a fever or that my sickness has run me down this badly. I really really hope I can make it through tomorrow at school ok. Bedtime!!!


  1. Girl, that car is big pimpin'!

  2. Look at you in your snazzy new car!

    Don't freak if you look out your window and see me sitting in the front seat - I just really love the smell of a new car!

    Glad you're feeling better!

  3. Love the car. Still waiting on my ride! Are you gonna visit my updated blog or what?

  4. As one of the apparently privelledged few who have ridden in the car, it is really awesome. I'm glad that you are feeling better, Joanna, and hope you continue with the mending process.

  5. I absolutely love your new car! And the color is beautiful. :)