Saturday, February 23, 2008

Searching for Joanna, Part III

I love my site meter. It's just so darn fun to see how people make it to my blog. Mostly I'm surprised they clicked on the link to get here. Just the other day I looked at my site meter, and it told me people were finding my blog from something called hitchhikr. I checked out the link, and I was a little panic-sticken to discover that it was apparently a site that was for the TCEA Conference I went to in Austin. Somehow it finds blogs that mention TCEA and shows all the links for them with the first sentence or two of the blog. Think about it though, looooong list of boring education related blogs, and then there's the link for my blog titled "In the Ghetto..." about getting lost on the way to Austin. Yep, that's quality. I'd have clicked on that one too. Seriously.

Without further ado, here are the top searches on my list:

1. Rubber ducks that look like dogs -- wouldn't that make them dogs?
2. How much money does a high school math teacher get a day? -- hmmmm, sounds like a fun math problem. You get on that and we'll discuss your findings in class tomorrow.
3. Rubber ducky cake recipe -- it's really just a normal cake recipe, it's the cake pan that makes it a rubber ducky.
4. Can a teacher wear jeans -- I sure hope so. Are we built differently so that they don't fit on us??
5. Hanging oneself how to -- official disclaimer! I do not condone actually hanging oneself nor have I ever given directions on how to do so! :-)
6. Think about it after graduation there isn’t one occasion where people celebrate you -- Yes there is. It's called your birthday. Everyone has one, so it's your ONLY special celebration a year (no anniversary, mothers day, fathers day, etc.), but there is one celebration a year. I'll write more about my bday later, but thanks to those of you who made my ONE day special! :-)
7. which high perfect a year of get car accident -- there's never a perfect year for a car accident, but with God's timing and hand over you, it can turn out ok.
8. pictures of a good honest woman -- well here I am if that's what you want to call me...
9. school cool thing like math divers -- not sure what math divers are but doesn't it sounds cool?
10. pictures about teachers’ burnout -- it's not really an image so much as a mindset, so I hear...
11. the office sprinkles pictures -- Sprinkles is a dog, my dog in fact, and he was named that after Blue's baby brother, not the cat on The Office. He may think he's a cat and act like a cat, but he's not one. :-)

Alright there's my top 11; hope you enjoyed them! Have a good night!

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  1. "which high perfect a year of get car accident"