Thursday, March 20, 2008

"It's ok, we're both a little skittish!"

As a matter of fact: IT'S NOT OK! ARGH! Whew... ok... let me take a step back now that I've screamed and tell you, my lovely readers, what has happened.

Precursor: Most of you know I don't take Sprinkles to the dog park anymore because when he was a puppy he was attacked by a large dog there who thought he was a chew toy. No blood was drawn, but we were both really shaken. Even with the numerous dog classes we took with large dogs, we're both a bit skittish when large dogs approach us on walks. There's really no point to take him to the dog park because he sits in my lap, sits by me on the bench, sits at my feet, and/or growls at other dogs who approach him. Sweetest dog ever with anyone who comes in his presence, but with other dogs, he's not a huge fan. He will get along with Julie's dog, Fletch... so I guess all hope isn't gone; it just takes some time one on one.

Present Situation: Some of my neighbors (2 or 3) have really large dogs. I'm sure they're the sweetest dogs ever, but that doesn't change the fact that there is something in place called a LEASH LAW! I don't know if people out there know this, but you can be fined for not having your dog on a leash.

1. The neighbors near my garage have two huge boxers that they let out the door to go potty. One ran into my garage when I had Sprinkles with me. I screamed, and they came running, but the woman's excuse was, "oh I didn't know there was another dog out here!" Really? Does that make it ok???

2. My ex-neighbor's boyfriend had a huge dog he would just let out to go to the bathroom. It came running around the corner into the breezeway one afternoon as Sprinkles and I were heading out. I screamed and was practically climbing the wall to get away from it because I had just locked my door. My neighbor and her bf's response? They laughed.

3. Tonight my upstairs neighbors are having a party outside of their first floor garage. Not too loud yet; however, large brown lab is out there without a leash. It approached Sprinkles and I when we went out earlier. They KNOW neighbors are coming and going with other dogs. I leave tonight to take Sprinkles out... as we come back towards the apartment to go in the breezeway the lab jumps up out of the ivy at us. With it being dark, he was camouflaged. Of course I screamed (we're not talking bloody murder scream; just startled), and they said sorry that he surprised us. I responded, "it's ok, we're both a little skittish!"
a. Wow wasn't that a great response? (sarcasm detected)
b. Didn't that rack up some cool points with them??
c. Why can't I ever come up with what I really want to say at the right time!?

The point of all of this is that I'm sick of these obnoxious people who don't follow the leash law. It's dangerous for the dog (people drive like maniacs around here!). It's dangerous for neighbors and their pets (you never know when your dog might snap!). It's freakin' against the law to not have your dog on the leash! I don't get it. I don't want to be that witchy neighbor that calls animal control or the front office to continually complain about these people, but it's getting ridiculous that I can't go out the door without being braced and ready to grab Sprinkles and run.

Any ideas out there for a solution for this? I swear I'll come beat you down if you dare comment that "this is just apartment life!" :-P OK, I'm done venting. Thanks for listening. :-)


  1. Great article. It is very interesting and informative!

  2. Can you report them to the apartment complex? Sometimes they can do something without it becoming a huge send out a reminder of the leash laws.

    That sucks that people are being so rude.

  3. Riss probably has the better solution, although I'm more inclined to take it to the huge deal level. I would gently remind people of the leash law the the first time, and then have animal control on speed dial (or just pretend to) and call everytime I saw an unleashed dog, preferrably while staring disdainfully at the pet owner

  4. Both good suggestions. Granted, Paul's suggestion is more likely to get me beaten up. Maybe I'll just write down apartment numbers and call the complex next time. We've gotten reminders about scooping poop before; surely they could send a leash reminder. Thanks ya'll.

  5. I like phylemon's suggestion best.

  6. I agree (almost) wholeheartedly with you on this one. Dogs getting loose may be an "accident" on the owner's part at times, but it's not acceptable as a recurrent issue. The owner should not have to be warned more than once or at all. And I agree, it's highly dangerous for both the dog, neighbors, and anyone else who is around.

    From personal experience, I was attacked black dog (it wasn't that big either) not too long ago as I was walking my dog (a minpin). It turned up behind me, growled at the minpin, and as I turned away bit my hands.. and continued doing so for a while. Quite hard it was to fend the dog away..

    When I approached the owners about it, they denied it was their dog (though clearly it was- you could see the dark creature behind the fence near the house). All their doors were also wide open- better for the dog to escape, eh? So, what to do? They were warned of course. & fortunately, the dog had had all its immunizations.

    But from that, I guess you could say, owners don't necessarily realize the risk they're taking letting their dogs loose. They're blind up to the point that something serious happens.. up the the extent where they honestly regret their actions.

    In short, communities need to do something to better enforce these laws or educate the dog owners. It's just not right to let dogs run wild where they shouldn't be. That's just my side of opinion on that topic.. It spares everyone of the potential regret, guilt, pain, etc. Just keep your pets inside, folks, if you can't leash them up.