Sunday, April 27, 2008


I've been thinking about this post for a while now, and so here it goes... well at least the idea about smiling. Have you ever noticed when you're smiling? Like a real smile, not a fake, plastered on smile? Lately it feels like real smiles have been sneaking up on me in random places like when I'm playing with Katelyn and Joshua and honestly enjoying myself or watching something funny in a movie. I spend a lot of my time faking a smile:
- a person I don't really care to be around walks up
- someone tells me a joke I don't really think is funny
- everything is ok when it's not
- I'm hiding behind it
- I'm expected to smile
etc. There are so many times I'm expected to smile. It's refreshing to enjoy a rare moment when the smile is natural. When I'm smiling because I'm happy and enjoying life. When it's my real smile. Not all of you have seen the "real deal" smile. I want it to be seen more. I want my smile to be real.