Saturday, June 06, 2009

Sprinkles is Home!!

Sprinkles got to come home this evening. The good news -- he did GREAT at the vet (no vomiting or diarreha), and he did well with the IV. The bad news -- the final bill was around $530. Holy crow -- that's about $200 more than I expected! Argh. I'm still spinning a bit from that, but it would have been soooo much more if I hadn't had the Wellness Plan and if he'd gone to the ER vet. If this is what it took him to get healthy, so be it.

Thankfully he's home without any meds to force into him. The vet wants him on the food he refused to eat for the next month, but we're trying it in dry form. He said that if Sprinkles is hungry, he'll eat, so I'm not to give him anything else. Fair 'nuff... hope that works!

He seemed very very happy to see me when I picked him up, and he was more than happy to jump in the car and cuddle in my lap until we got home. Once back in the apartment he ran around checking everything out. Right now he's draped across the top of the couch napping. Hopefully we're out of the woods, and he's fine. :) Thanks for the prayers. Continue to pray that he doesn't relapse. :)

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  1. So glad to know that the treatment seems to have worked! Hope it sticks!!