Sunday, May 16, 2010

I'm not sure I know how to blog anymore

Seriously, it's been since November since I posted a blog update?! Wow. I used to update weekly and now... nothing. I think I've gotten busier with real life, and I've just had less to say online. Twitter and Facebook updates are my new home. Honestly, isn't it better when Joanna is limited to 140 characters? ;)

In my absence spammers have taken over my blog. *ugh* I mean come on spammers - do you really think that anyone is going to click on your links? Really? Viagra, sex, and gambling? (Yes, those are the spammy comments my innocent, happy blog keeps getting!) No thanks - we're not buying it. I've turned on those annoying word verification things for comments. (Side rant - If we're being truthful, which I always am here, I have a hard time with those word verifications. I mean, it looks like an O, but that dot is in a place that maybe it's a Q.... does it matter if I capitalize the letter? Is that a lower case L or the number 1? Incorrect verification? Again? ARGH! Curses on word verification!) Sorry. I feel your pain. :D I've also turned on comment moderation which means your comment won't show up if I don't like what you have to say. In other words, sell your viagra, sex, and gambling elsewhere 'cause I ain't postin' it up in here! Boo Ya!

Granted I don't really blog much anymore, so the chances of you having something to comment on are slim to none. I am going to try to clean up the "anonymous" comments that have wormed their way on here thus far. Who knows, maybe I'll dust off my blog and start writing again. I used to have a knack for it...

If you're bored - check out some of the sites I do frequent (and are worth passing on):
Bakerella - Make your own yummy cake balls and get great baking ideas from her!
Cake Wrecks - Jen leaves me laughing until I cry most times I read this! Besides it encourages me daily to make sure my cakes aren't wrecks (and scares me to death if they end up as them)!
The DIS - I'm letting my Disney freak flag fly! I've got over 1000 posts over there as everydaymathchick. Wouldn't plan a Disney trip without these boards.
My Twitter - This is where I'm at (yo!), and I'm limited to 140 characters which I'm sure we can all appreciate. ;)

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