Friday, June 03, 2011

Choose Our Adventure!

In one week Kyle and I will be heading to Walt Disney World! We’ve been counting down the days to our trip for over 120 days, and we are eager to get there! The room is booked, Park days are set, dining reservations have been made, and our mouths are watering for the amazing treats there, but we still haven’t decided what we’re going to do first. That, dear readers, is where you come in. :) 

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A few weeks ago I sent Kyle a direct message on Twitter asking what he thought about letting our Twitter followers and my blog readers pick what we ride first when we get to Magic Kingdom. He thought that would be fun, so we made a list of attractions that typically don’t have long wait times and we’re eager to ride.

Here are the choices (I’ve added video for my non-Disney-geek friends):

It’s a Small World

Jungle Cruise

Pirates of the Caribbean (really neat bit with Johnny Depp towards the end of this video)

Haunted Mansion

Tomorrowland Transit Authority Peoplemover
After we get all checked in at Port Orleans Riverside, we’ll head over to Magic Kingdom and ride the attraction y'all pick. We’ll even (attempt to) snap a picture and post it to Twitter to prove we rode your choice. Be sure to vote in the poll to the right under my Twitter feed. If you want to tell us why your choice is the superior attraction, feel free to do so in the comments below.

EDIT: Poll is now closed! Thanks for voting! The winner was the Tomorrowland Transit Authority Peoplemover! :) See pictures of us riding it on Day 1 of the Trip Report. 

Next Post [June 7th]: This will be my last post before we leave for our trip! A lot of planning goes into a WDW trip, and a huge part of the fun is eagerly anticipating the trip. Next post I’ll chat about what I’m most looking forward to.


  1. I voted for Jungle Cruise. 3 of the 5 choices involved getting on a boat like ride, which is interesting.

  2. That *is* interesting. Weird that those are the ones with lower wait times.

    I'm surprised that's the one you picked. I thought you felt that ride was a beating.

  3. The ride is fun. The wait is a beating. But since I'm not the one being beaten, what do I care?

    I didn't pick TTA or whatever it is called because it's premise is the same as an airport, which is where you will be all day before that.

    I didn't pick small world because it's an adults only trip, so that shouldn't be the first thing you ride.

    Of the three remaining, Josh has a Vinylmation of Jungle Cruise, so I went with that.

  4. Intriguing reasoning you have going there. How is TTA like an airport? I'm hoping The Haunted Mansion or PotC pull ahead. :D

  5. I've been on 'It's a small world' when I was a kid. It is fabulous. I also choose tomorrowland. and I stand by my harry Potter choice!
    when are y'all going?

  6. Haha! While I'd love to go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, it's hard to take time away from the Disney Parks. One day I'll do a weekend trip to go just to WWoHP.

    We leave in a week, next Friday, and both land around 11:15 am, so we'll get a half day at Magic Kingdom on travel day. Even have dinner plans that night. :)

  7. How is TTA like an airport?

    (Surely that's a Disney joke right?)

    Isn't the idea that you're entering a spaceport to travel on a leisure tour?

  8. I guess I never really "got" what the ride really was more than just a tour of Tomorrowland with a bit of whimsy & a future spin to it. Oh geez - I'm a week out from my trip, and I'm about to get my Disney-geek card revoked, aren't I??

  9. No, you're not losing your card. Since the refurb, it went from having a story to being a tour of Tomorrowland.

  10. Oh good! It would be a shame to go without my card.

  11. I voted Pirates of the Caribbean- esp. if the line isn't to long- looks awesome and could be pretty popular w/ the new movie coming out? You don't want to miss it :) I don't remember it being there in 2000? Yall leave this Friday!! How exciting...have a blast!

  12. Amy - Thanks for stopping by and voting. :) I can't wait to get there! Despite knowing where the PotC ride is, I've walked right by it when looking for it. Hehe. The queue is back a ways from the main path.

  13. Thanks for stopping by and voting, John! :D

  14. WHOO HOO! Yes! I think PotC should totally have more votes than it does now. :D