Friday, July 15, 2011

The Adventures of Kyle & Joanna!!!

One month ago today, Kyle and I were saying our goodbyes and leaving Walt Disney World. *sadness* Let's focus on the happy, ok? :-) For 2 months my blog has been devoted to Kyle's and my Walt Disney World trip.  Not only did I have a blast on our trip, but I really enjoyed sharing our adventures with my readers.  However, the time has come to close this chapter of my blog and move on to some other exciting Disney topics, so I wanted to put it all in a handy dandy package of fun here, so if you missed anything, you could find it all here in one central location.  I've even compiled all of our videos into ONE playlist on YouTube and embedded it below, so if you missed videos, you can find them easily at the end of this post.

Kyle & Joanna having an adventure with balloons!

My first ever Pre-Trip Report detailed how the trip came about, how we made our plans, and what our plans were. It's a great read for anyone getting ready for a WDW vacation!

Wanna Go To Walt Disney World? - Learn how two people from different sides of the United States decided to meet for the first time at Disney!
Moving Up in the World - Find out if we got a good Disney Pin Code and how we decided to go stay at a moderate resort instead of a value one.
Hop on the Monorail! - Park days are something I recommend everyone figure out before they make meal reservations.
Food Glorious Food - Read about our plans for our sit-down (table service) meals.
I Could Overdose on Cupcakes! - This post, about what snacks I was eager to try, was featured on the Disney Food Blog!
Choose Our Adventure! - Kyle and I allowed my readers to choose what attraction we rode as soon as we made it to Magic Kingdom on our first day in the parks.
What Are You Looking Forward To? - Every day Kyle and I started our mornings on Twitter by naming one thing we were looking forward to on our upcoming trip. See what made the top of my list!

As soon as I got home from our trip, I was chomping at the bit to write about our adventures in a full blown Trip Report. This was my second trip report (first one is found in December 2010 archives), and I never thought I'd write one let alone write a Pre-Trip Report! Turns ut sharing one's Disney story really is fun!  Here's a look back on our days at Walt Disney World:

Day 1 - Hey Look! A Duck! -Join us as we travel to WDW and go to Magic Kingdom.
Day 2 - Don't Upset Cousin Cooper! - Enjoy Star Wars Weekend with us!
Day 3 - Let's Make a Video! - Finally we visited our favorite park, Epcot!
Day 4 - The Only Good Dinosaur is a Dead Dinosaur! - Will Joanna chicken out or will she ride Dinosaur after all?
Day 5 - The Whole Country?? - Visit Magic Kingdom and Epcot with the dynamic duo!
Day 6 - The Answer to *Your* Questions - Have fun with us at Hollywood Studios and Epcot and mourn with us as we sadly leave our happy place.

After the daily write ups, I felt there was still more to the story, so I wrote one more post about the 8 Things That I Didn't Expect that happened during our trip.  If you're planning a trip, don't miss this post.  It's got quite a lot in it about how to make the best of it when things don't go as planned.  Our trip wasn't technically perfect, but because of our attitudes and the fun we were having, it sure *felt* perfect! 

When all was said and done, I realized that one person had been written about for 2 months, but he didn't really have a voice, so I asked Kyle to come on and write a couple of guest blog posts about our trip.  After a little time to think about it, he readily agreed, and he chose to write about the meals we shared.  It's a great addition to the trip report since I didn't get to eat a bunch on the trip due to my stomach deciding food was the enemy.  He really did a great job!

Throughout all of the posts, I was able to add videos of Kyle's and my adventures.  Keeping a vlog was new to both of us, but in the end, we have some great memories shown in these videos.  I've compiled them into a YouTube playlist, so if you missed any of the videos, you can watch them below. Hover your mouse at the bottom of the video, and you can scroll through the 10 videos. You can also click on the video and see the list on YouTube.  The videos mean more to me than the pictures since I don't know when I'll see Kyle again. It's nice to watch us laugh together. :)

I can't say it enough even though I've definitely made a fair shake at it: this trip was awesome! I love my family trips, but this one was different and had a totally new vibe to it.  I keep getting asked if I'll see Kyle again or when we'll go back to WDW.  Honestly, I hope we get to see each other again.  He's a great friend, and we laugh all the time when we're together.  How could we not see each other again?  As for another WDW trip?  It's going to be a while before I can afford that, but I'd be game.  Besides, if you watched the videos, you know that Kyle and I will be going back DELUXE in 4 years (summer 2014) if we're both still single.  Oh yes, I'm holding him to that! ;-) Hope you enjoyed our adventures. I feel confident that someday we'll have more to post. :)

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  1. Aww I love all your videos! You're making me wana go back like now!! :D