Monday, September 12, 2011

I'm Still Here!

For my readers who come here without me posting a link on Facebook or Twitter: thank you! I'm so sorry I've been fairly absent from my blog.  I've been super busy now that school has started again (yeah... I hold the future of America in my hands every day), so I haven't had time to blog.  How about some quick Disney for now?

What's Randomly on my Mind Concerning Disney (get past these & the payoff is there!):
  • I still can't get super excited about my cruise. Maybe when it's less than a year away I will.
  • I want to be at Walt Disney World so badly right now that I'd use my savings to go if someone would join me, but I know better than to go alone right now since it would put such a dent in my savings (yeah - that doesn't totally make sense).
  • I have a picture frame and WDW napkins sitting by my couch waiting to be made into a give away for the blog, but every time I decide to make the video tutorial I don't have on make up or I decide I'm horrendous to look at, so I bail on making said video, so the give-away is still being put off.  It's going to be awesome though.
  • I currently walk through EPCOT or Magic Kingdom in my head most days.  
  • If I'm not taking a self-guided tour, I'm looking at WDW photos (mine or on blogs) and getting bummed that I can't be there.
  • Sometimes I wonder if I ever will take the leap and move out to Florida, so I can be by my Happy Place.   Would be foolish to not move there, right?
  • I want to fill out an application for the Disney Moms Panel... and I'm not a mom.  It doesn't say you have to be a mom.  Do you have to be a mom?
What I Seriously Can't Stop Thinking About:
The Disney Princess Designer Series makes me want to collect dolls, and I didn't even collect them as a child!  I also adore sketched artwork like the items below, and I keep drooling over these on the Disney Store website.
Aren't these gorgeous?
You can buy them for me here.
I'm also a big sucker for sticky notes.  What teacher isn't?
You can buy these for me here.
For reals though - want to thank a teacher or at least make her day?  I'll email or DM you my physical address in a heartbeat!  ;-)  Fine... enough shameless begging...

What I Can't Stop Laughing Over:
OK so it's not Disney, but I had a student tell me: "Miss! You move like a friggin' mouse! Seriously! You move so fast! You fly across the room so fast!" I giggled for 10 minutes over that today. Yes, yes, you may now call me "Minnie". 

What's Making Me Awwwwww and *Sigh*:
Have I shared the wonder that is Nick Pitera with you?  He's a Pixar employee who has become a YouTube sensation and even has music for sale on iTunes.  

He's most well know for singing Disney songs like A Whole New World from 'Aladdin' because he sings BOTH the male and female vocals:

He worked his magic again with I See the Light from 'Tangled':

But I love him for videos like this (Someone Like You cover):

And this (The Edge of Glory cover): 

Love voice/high voice, doesn't matter: excuse me while I melt. *swoon* I've bought some of his songs on iTunes, and yeah, I have a little cyber-crush on him, but wow that voice!  Something about a good tenor* who has an amazing range is so attractive.  How is he not on Glee??  (*I stand corrected - I believe he is technically a countertenor.)

Hopefully I'll be posting a video tutorial for a post-WDW craft soon as well as a giveaway! Stay tuned!

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