Friday, October 21, 2011

Wanna go to Walt Disney World... Again?

Remember back in May of 2011 when I started my Pre-Trip Report for Kyle's and my grand adventures?  Remember how you felt a bit shocked when you read how we met online and hadn't met yet in real life and that WDW would be our first time meeting?  Remember how awesome that trip turned out and how much you loved our videos?  Weeeellllllll.... today begins an all new Adentures of Kyle & Joanna Pre-Trip Report!!  (It's your dream come true, right?)
As of today we are 50 days away from our mutal happy place and couldn't be more excited!
I thought I'd start our Pre-Trip Report in my usual fashion by telling you how we decided to go to Walt Disney World again.  When I realized I was going to be spending Thanksgiving alone this year, I started contemplating a solo trip to my happy place.  I posted about it a bit on Twitter and mentioned it to Kyle, and he couldn't go during that time.  Airfare wasn't coming down in price, so I nixed that idea and started looking at maybe January.

Meanwhile someone at Disney decided to throw some pixie dust our way, and we both recieved free dining PIN codes in our email one evening.   I tweeted something about Disney taunting me with free dining, and Kyle replied that he had recieved one as well.  I said that I'd say it was a sign but I knew better, and his response was that he couldn't go on the dates I was looking at.  You know me, right?  I believe my physical reaction is best expressed by this:
Oh hai there! U have dates u *can* go????
I was immediately all like, "oh I could take some days off!  When can you go?  Can you go?  You wanna go to Disney?  Hey hey hey Kyle, here's the price I found!!!  Let's go!"  I kid you not... I think he was about ready to kill me just to stop the overeagerness pouring out at him over the interwebs!  (Except for the fact that he gets just as excited about me when it comes to going to Walt Disney World!)

We quickly moved to direct messages and email, and by the end of the evening, we had decided to go to Disney again, exactly 6 months from our last trip, on December 10th - 14th.  The travel agent was emailed, and we were ready to start planning!

In the next posts (just like last time): I'll tell you about where we're staying (did we decide to move on up in the world again?), where we're eating (this was a bit more difficult this time), what I'm most looking forward to, what special events we're going to (oh so many!), and some snacks I can't wait to try (since I missed a bunch of them last time).

FREE [electronic] GIVEAWAY!
If you like my countdown number up there, you can have your own! 
For our family trip in 2009, I designed these countdown numbers as a way for the kiddos to count down the last 25 days before the trip.  In 2010 I extended it to 50.  You can go to my Photobucket and save and print each number yourself (about 3"x3" in size).  We printed them on card stock, cut them out, put a hole in the corner & a ring through them, and the kids turned to a new page each morning.  It's a fun & easy way to stay jazzed about your upcoming trip!  I like to use them as profile pics or twitpics before my trip.


  1. SOunds like it's going to be and awesome time to go. The free Dining Plan sounds great to, I could use that too for our trip... Any tips?

  2. Tips for free dining? Make sure you have a few email accounts on, so it ups your chances of getting one. Have multiple travel buddies (family members or friends) signed up as well. Kyle & I both got the free dining info at the same time this time, but when my family went November 2010, I was the one who got the free dining PIN.

    Biggest tip is that even if your offer is for free quick service dining, upgrade to the regular dining plan. We paid about $50 each (TOTAL) to upgrade. You & I both know that's easily the cost of one sit down, out of pocket, meal at WDW (including alcohol, dessert, and tips). :)