Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Happy Working Song

Wow! In case you couldn't tell from our tweets, Kyle and I had an amazing time at Walt Disney World, and there is SO MUCH to tell you all! With it being the holiday season, it's hard to find time to get the entire trip down on my blog; however, I promise it will be worth the wait!  We have some incredible dining experiences (with lots of pics), some crazy bird stories, and tons of great holiday events excitement to tell you about.  I also have about 400 photos to sort through and videos to edit!

Oh, and as a special treat for you to look forward to, Mike from the Be Our Guest Podcast tweeted an interview request while Kyle & I were in Walt Disney World.  We did a 45 minute interview over skype last night where we talked all about our trip and shared some fun stories about our adventures.  Hope you can tune in on January 2nd for Episode #399!

While I work on writing all of the trip report posts (and keep poking Kyle begging him to give us a treat of a guest post or two), why don't you catch up on our Pre-Trip Report, and familiarize yourself with what our plans were before we left. 

Trip Announcement: Two Months From Today
How did we decide to go AGAIN?: Wanna Go to Walt Disney World... Again?
Resort Plans: Tie-Dye Cheesecake Makes All the Difference
Holiday Event Plans: This Trip is Going to be Legen.... wait for it...
Dining Plans: I Can't Wait to EAT!
Dining Plans Revisited: Where do you REALLY Want to Eat?
Snack Credit Dreams: Snacks to Try
Mid-Planning Project: DIY Craft Project & Giveaway
Contest Winner: And the Winner is...
Packing Tips: My Disney Bag of Tricks
Audience Participation: Choose Our Adventure (Again)!
How to Join Us: Follow Our Adventure

While you read those, I'll be doing this, hoping that some friendly woodland creatures will come help me write my posts:

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  1. Still not convinced the same person can be a Disney Princess and be Lois Lane, but I'm willing to give it a try. I was wrong about the same guy being Johnny Storm & Steve Rogers.