Wednesday, November 09, 2011

I Can't Wait to EAT!!!

Last time I went to Walt Disney World with Kyle I ended up barely eating most of the trip.  I have a sensitive stomach, so the heat, rich food, and honestly, stress of the trip really worked against me causing me to lose about 4 pounds on our trip.  Kyle was amazingly sweet to me while I was sick, and he didn't make me feel bad about it, but I was pretty bummed that I didn't get to try all the stuff I wanted to try.  (I mean seriously, the poor guy had *just* met me, and I was all loser-sick and such.)

This trip, though, I'm determined to toe the line and eat just enough bad stuff that I feel like I've been on vacation but not enough to make me want to die.  It's a fine line, y'all!  Besides, the stress on this trip is going to be waaaaay down.  Yes, I played it down for the last trip: I was that nonchalant "I always fly across the country alone to meet new men" kind of cool gal, but inside I was scared to death that I was about to ruin my happy place!  What if we hadn't gotten along?  I would have always had that disastrous memory associated with Disney World!  Thankfully the trip was AWESOME, and this time I can have soooo much less stress.  After all, my travel buddy has seen me sick, lost in the Parks (more on that some other time), crying (I was sad we were going back to our separate parts of the US!), without makeup, and singing Camp Rock 2 songs while dancing down the Streets of America.  If after all that he's still crazy enough to join me on another trip, there's nothing to stress about!

After deciding to go through with this trip, Kyle and I spent one evening talking on the phone about table service meals.  A few things worked against us though: 1) it was getting late, so Kyle really needed to head to bed. 2) I was super hyped up because I'd just finished a 30 Day Shred workout, so I was more than willing to share my weird food stuff.  Here's how a lot of our conversation went:

Kyle: How about ______?
Me: Do all their dishes have fruit in the entree?!
Kyle: I don't know. Let me check.
Me (talking faster than I ever should): Where are you looking?! Disney Food Blog has photos and reviews, but I want a menu!
Me: That looks gross.  I want food food not fruity food!
Kyle: Oh wow! You are a picky eater!
Me: No I'm not!  Well, yes I am, but I hid it very well last trip!  But seriously, what's up with all the fruit on the meat!?  (Said all in one breath...)

After figuring out menus and things I'd be willing to try (which was unusually little at that point), we decided to do a breakfast on our last day.  I'll save you from this entire conversation and tell you that every time Kyle suggested a place, I quickly fired back with "do they have Mickey waffles?!!?!"  I think that got old fast, but remember that I don't eat breakfast, so if I'm going to get up and eat in the mornings, I'd like a Mickey waffle!  

I need my breakfast to smile at me while I eat it!
By the end of the conversation Kyle was ready for bed, and we still hadn't made reservations, so I told him I'd make the reservations online for us.  This meant we ended up with dinners at 8:40pm, I kid you not, and late lunches as well.  The crowds for those days might be small, but the people visiting the Parks when we do sure snapped up the good dining reservations! 

As of that evening we had plans to dine at Garden Grill, Kona, Teppan Edo, Whispering Canyon Cafe, and Yak and Yeti.  About a week later I felt unsettled about the whole dining conversation (mostly because I had been so wheels off during it), and I begged Kyle to talk with me again about meals and maybe change some around to make sure we were both happy with the choices.  Since this post is so long, I'll tell you during the next post where we ended up deciding to eat!

**Sorry for the lack of photos in this post.  What photos do you post for crazy conversations about food??**


  1. "What photos do you post for crazy conversations about food??"

    1. Photos of the resteraunts mentioned
    2. Photos of fruit and meat cohabiting, which apparently is a disaster of Biblical proportions
    3. The scene from the Black Adam mini-series with Teth asking Atom Smasher if he is enjoying the pancakes

    Which leads to the question what Disney character would make the best Black Adam? And no saying Namor, because that's too easy.

  2. 1. The next post will have those. :)
    2. That would have been good considering that yes, it is a huge disaster!
    3. I don't know who Black Adam is. Is that a Marvel or DC Comic? I'm guessing DC which makes your final question totally unfair. :-P I do like that you assumed I knew Namor was the easy answer though.


    In short, Black Adam is a complex fellow, unlikely to take a wife. But then one time he did. And she was killed. And he want really crazy and killed a country. All the superheroes stop him, but he escapes. The mini-series is about Adam trying bring his wife & his powers back. There is a scene in a diner where meets Atom Smasher and asks him if is enjoying his pancakes.

    But he is a lot like Namor. He even has pointed ears sometimes. But that's never been explained.

  4. Teppan Edo is my favorite!! If you have never been there, you will enjoy it and the atmosphere is a lot of fun. So far it sounds like your trip is going to be a blast!!

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