Tuesday, February 07, 2012

You Have to Look Past the Popcorn

I have to start this post with a bit of a confession.  When I got an email asking me to share the most romantic thing I've experienced or witnessed at Disney, I was a bit disappointed.  I thought, "well shoot! I haven't HAD any romantic moments because I haven't been lucky enough to go with a significant other, and I haven't even witnessed a proposal! What in the world am I going to write about?"  Thankfully, in the midst of my lament, I remembered one little moment that happened on the bridge from Tomorrowland to the Hub in Magic Kingdom back in December.

You must know (especially after reading that I'd like to date like a Disney princess) that I am a true romantic at heart. I believe in the magic and joy of love.  For me, there's significance in the simple things: holding hands, sharing shy smiles, and just enjoying life's moments together. I'd wax on & continue to get more and more sappy here, but I'll save you from that for now and cut straight to the story.

On one particular sunny day during our December trip, Kyle and I were weaving through the crowds on the Tomorrowland bridge. At one point, I just about stopped walking, grabbed Kyle's arm to get him to pause, nodded my head to some people to the side of the bridge, and quietly said, "I want that."  He looked at me quizzically and asked, "...Popcorn? Ok we can stop for that... Isn't lunch soon??"  (Keep in mind, I was so sick in June that me wanting food in December at all was always a pleasant surprise for him.)  I looked at him with an equally befuddled expression complete with confused head-tilt, and said (excuse my lack of eloquence here), "huh???"  Apparently there was popcorn nearby... someone was eating it, there was a cart, I don't recall. "No no no! That!" and I pointed a bit more obviously.

An older couple was sitting on a bench off to the side of the walkway. They weren't saying a word, but they were holding hands, smiling, and people watching together.  That's what I look forward to some day: quiet, sweet romance.  It was subtle and peaceful in the midst of the chaos that is any theme park. 

Don't get me wrong, Disney proposals are always amazing. A kiss in front of the Castle during Wishes is the epitome of magical. A nighttime Jungle Cruise or trip around the TTA is sure to be special too. I would love to experience all of those things, but that couple's moment is what I want to experience one day.  I want to go to Disney World with the love of my life and share some peaceful time of just being there together. 

What about you?  What's the most romantic moment you have experienced or observed at Disney?


  1. I love your story about the older couple, that truly is romantic. And I too can think of nothing better than to be sitting on a bench at WDW with my hubby at that age just holding hands.. Thanks for sharing

  2. Popcorn! hahah oh the "fairer sex". lol. Super cute. I love old couples myself!

  3. I love your story! It really is the little things that end up being the most romantic.

  4. Very sweet story about the couple! Reminds me of my great-grandparents who never stopped holding their hands everywhere they went.

  5. That is more romantic than most things, I think, because it shows that there really can be a happily ever after. :) I like to think my husband and I will still be holding hands and teasing each other when we're older. <3 Thank you for sharing that beautiful picture.