Tuesday, March 06, 2012

The Best Value at Disney World

Today's article is focusing on the Best Value at Disney. I really had to contemplate this article for a while because I love to write about shopping at Disney (see the WDW Tips at the top of this page). Whenever I travel to Disney World, I come back with a suitcase full of souvenirs, and nothing makes me happier than finding a "deal"! If you've kept up with my blog, though, you know that I am a big advocate of buying one or two BIG TICKET items that are functional items that you'll use daily. For instance, I use my Dooney & Bourke purse every day, and I've done so for almost two years now! 

But when I really thought about it, I've written about all of that before. What new tips do I have to offer? I admit that in my rush to get things done today, I considered just recycling an old post or giving you a list of links, but I didn't feel that would really be fair to the Magical Blogorail. After all, just because I have a touch of writer's block and am on a tiny blogging hiatus, it doesn't mean I should deprive you of a new, fun tip, does it?

Who knows my favorite snack at Walt Disney World?  Raise your hand! I know you know it! Yes, you... in the back, you know what it is?  Right! It's NAPOLEON from the bakery in France! However, if we roam a bit further down from France, we can find the German Chocolate Caramel in Germany. Some would say the School Bread in Norway is the best. Others would rave about the churros in Mexico. Ask anyone who loves the World Showcase about the food, and they will tell you about their favorite snacks, and there is a plethora of options there!

The best value at Disney, for me, is the World Showcase snack options. Almost all of the bakery items are on the Disney Dining Plan, and pretty much all options are HUGE and share-able. You can easily fill hungry tummies for under $4 when waiting for a late dining reservation! Sweet or savory, the World Showcase has it all!

What's your favorite snack in the World Showcase?


  1. Mouse Fan Diane3/06/2012 8:33 AM

    Yes I would say you are right about the snacks at World showcase. I think my favorite is the chocolate mousse in Italy. But the Churros are a close 2nd and we do share them. Thanks for sharing

  2. I hardly ever get a snack because the leftovers from kids' meals keeps me well stocked in little chocolate cakes.

    There's also the hidden value of using dinner reservations to get good seats at a particular show.

  3. Mouse Fan Diane - I had a churro a year or two ago & loved it!

    KeeperOfBooks34 - Good point about the dinner reservations, but that does cost extra. I think to do that we would have had to use 2 sit-down credits or pay out of pocket, which was more expensive than the regular meal. Still a GREAT deal! I don't think we, Kyle & I, would have seen NPH without that perk. :)

  4. We honestly didn't try many things in the World Showcase the couple of times we've been there. I really want to, though. We generally bring our own snacks to save some money, but we might just have to splurge on the food sometimes. ;)

  5. I am right there with you - the Napoleon is one of my all time favorite snacks in Walt Disney World too. The options of snacks at reasonable prices is amazing - luckily, there is a lot of walking or these delicious sweet treats would give me another souvenir to bring home - a few extra pounds!

  6. I bet you could snack your way around the Showcase and never need a sit-down meal! (I think the snack choices must have been the impetus for the Food & Wine Festival!!)

  7. I couldn't agree with your more! I LOVE the World Showcase snacks!

  8. Snacks are so much better in Disney and they're reasonable too. Must try the Napoleon!!