Friday, April 20, 2012

WDW Trip Report - Day 5 - Oh D-d-d-dear!

It's always a sad day when you wake up at Walt Disney World and have to take your baggage down to be checked in for your flight home.  Thankfully Kyle and I like to balance this with having late flights home, so we got a little over half a day to enjoy at Disney before saying goodbye. 

One last look at the Vinylmation window at Pop

I don't know if I didn't get enough sleep or was in denial, but I had a hard time at check in.  I started by turning into the shrub, like usual, and then it went downhill from there.  Something about them making me leave my suitcase way behind me on the sidewalk while they did paperwork checking me in really messed me up.

A bird hopped on the boat with us at Magic Kingdom
(I swear it was following Kyle!) and rode most of the way
to Wilderness Lodge with us!
Confusion over, we embraced our tradition (we've done it twice! It's TRADITION!) of going to Whispering Canyon Cafe for breakfast on our last day.  Here's a video of our morning boat ride:

We had a little time at the Wilderness Lodge to look around, so we went into the gift shop.  There I traded a Vinylmation for a Park 7 that I'd been looking for.  I traded Vinylmation fairly nonstop on this trip, but I didn't take many photos of them as I traded.
The tree at Wilderness Lodge was exquisite!
Our breakfast server was a HOOT!  He hurried by and tossed some coloring pages and crayons at us and told us "entertain yourselves!"  Always ones to go with the fun, we did:

I finally had a Mickey waffle, so my trip was now complete!  I also got to taste all of the other food here that  I missed last trip.  If you love breakfast, the breakfast skillet here is a must-do!

I had heard of a geyser at Wilderness Lodge that erupts every 15 minutes or so.  As we were leaving, it was close to time for the geyser to do its thing, so we stopped to watch.  The day was bright and gorgeous, sun shining, mild temperatures, and wind blowing... about 5 seconds after I said, "oooooh, wow! Look at that!" I turned into Piglet (much to the delight of those around us) saying, "oh dear! Oh dear! Oh d-d-d-d-dear!"  I could not vocalize my chagrin at this happening:
L to R: Geyser starting up, wind catching it, & where we
were standing when we started watching it!
As the wind shifted, the geyser blew water on us, and I could not figure out how to get away from it! At one point I was pushing Kyle in front of me and hiding behind him. Everyone around us had a good laugh, and it cheered me up on our last day.

Gorgeous day to wait for the boat back to Magic Kingdom!
We got off of the boat at Magic Kingdom to transfer
to the Monorail to Epcot. I snapped a quick pic
of me with the Vinylmation I traded at
Wilderness Lodge.
Waiting for the Monorail. It's quite possible that my parents have a
pic from the 80s that looks just like this. Thanks, Instagram, for
helping me make my photos look old. ;-) 

I bet you can guess where we went for our last hours in the parks: Epcot!As the Monorail went around the park, I could not get enough of Spaceship Earth! In fact, I quickly became the SSE paparazzi!  Here's a few of the best shots (and believe me, there's a ton more!):

Keep in mind that all of these were taken from a MOVING Monorail
with the camera on an iPhone 4S.

You got me! No SSE here, but it was still gorgeous!

I am obsessed with natural light flares!

As we entered the park, Kyle turned to me with a mischievous smile and said, "You haven't tried  Beverly yet!"  I agreed to go into Club Cool to finally try the dreaded drink.  Here's what happened:

It's not bad going down, but the after-taste is horrible! It wasn't quite as bad as I had expected, but I was pretty grossed out by it.

I am a fan of the calmer rides at Epcot, so I made Kyle join me on the Finding Nemo ride.  (I have to ride it every trip because it reminds me of my niece and nephew.)  Just a hop, skip, and a jump away was the Land Pavilion, so we lived with the Land once more and then journeyed into our imagination with Figment.

Never quite got this picture, but can you read it? Coolest one
I've seen them do so far!

We made it around to the World Showcase and stopped in France for some apple tarts.  I've always wanted to try one, but I never can pass up my favorite: the Napoleon.  I loved the tarts!  They would have been a bit better if they were warm from the oven, but they were a nice treat.

Apple Tart
Kyle was always ready for a Vinylmation trade
with this handy pocket on his backpack!

Kyle wanted to make our last stop the American Adventure, so we caught the show before leaving Epcot.  It was a calm day in our favorite park to end a peaceful trip.

Once back at the resort, the mood was very different than the end of our June trip. In June I wasn't sure I'd see Kyle again. I could *not* stop crying, and I couldn't bear leaving.  This time, I knew I'd see him again as we are really good friends, and I was holding back my tears quite well.  We joked around as Kyle had a snack, and I bought the pink WDW sweatshirt that I'd been eyeing the entire trip.  Here's a video we made saying "goodbye":

Excuse our singing and butchering the song!

Kyle stopped in the gift shop to buy a Vinylmation and ended up with the exact same one he kept getting: the Holidays #2 jester! He ended up with 3 of them! Since I traded a couple of my extras for him, he gave me one of the jesters which has a place of honor on my work desk now.  We sat together, talking and taking self portaits until my bus arrived (his was coming a little later).  It was a nice ending to our second trip together.
Final photo before we said "see ya real soon"!

On the ride to the airport, the Magical Express music was playing the old "Listen to the Land" song that I love.  It made me smile as I thought about our trip.  Funny that I finally did hear that song (and not just in my head) before I left Disney World!

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