Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Darn, I Wish I Hadn't Missed That at Disney!

I have to laugh that this is the post I'm writing just as I come off of one of my all time favorite series: The Top 5 Must Dos for each park at Walt Disney World. I mean, how can I tell you what you "must do" if I haven't done it all?

If you looked in my notes section of my iPhone, you would see a file named "Still To Do at WDW".  Each visit my list has gotten shorter, but I still have a handful of attractions and shows in each park that I have not visited.  While I love Disney's Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom, my heart lies in Magic Kingdom and EPCOT, and it drives me insane that I can't say I've done it ALL in those two parks.

EPCOT's "haven't done" is Ellen's Energy Adventure. I get a kick out of Ellen, and I do love me some energy, but I hear this attraction is about 45 minutes long! Is it weird that I think I'll do it during "rest time" this trip? That's restful, right?

Magic Kingdom only has four elusive attractions: Main Street Vehicles, Stitch's Great Escape, Magic Carpets of Aladdin, and Tom Sawyer Island. Main Street Vehicles only run before lunch, and my family tends to rush straight to Fantasy Land when the rope drops. I really want to stop to ride one of these vehicles this time. As for Stitch... the fear of the chili dog burp is great! I think I might suck it up and go there over Thanksgiving though. I am not a fan of heights, and while I LOVE Tower of Terror, the Magic Carpets freak me out a little. Besides, I've always been the one taking photos while others ride it. This time, though, I'm snagging a seat with my neice or nephew! We've always felt like the kids are a bit too young to enjoy Tom Sawyer Island, and I'm not sure this is the trip I'll make it over there either, but it sure looks fun!

Other than an attraction that I wish I'd done, I've always wanted to take the Keys to the Kingdom tour. Having a tour guide that shows you a behind the scenes look at Magic Kingdom and shares interesting facts is something I'd really enjoy. The Behind the Seeds Tour in the Land Pavilion in EPCOT is another tour I'm dying to go on, but it's always hard for me to want to take time away from attractions to go on a tour.

How about y'all? What have you missed that you'd love to do? Anyone take a tour that they loved? I've heard good things about all of the tours, and I hear that Disney fanatics who go often especially love the change of pace.


  1. Tom Sawyer Island is a great deal of fun. I wouldn't put it ahead of other attractions if you have a limited amount of time; however, it's worth the trip over there at least once. Plus the views to Frontierland and LIberty Square are awesome from there. Here's hoping you make it there one day!

  2. Wow! That's a list. Can't believe you never did Ellen's.

  3. There are plenty of things we haven't done yet, but I am up to the challenge of trying to do everything one day and only have to worry about new things they add. :) I fear the chili dog burp, too, though!

  4. Ellen's Energy Adventure is a must-do on a long, hot summer day! One of us MAY have had a nap on it last time we were there... :)

  5. I love Ellen's Energy Adventure. It is a great place to rest too, especially if it's hot. :)

  6. I know 45 minutes seems like the long time, but the attraction is a good one. Not one to do every trip, but definitely at least once!

  7. Key's to the Kingdom Tour is FANTASTIC! We went last trip and LOVED it :)

    Planning on doing the similar tour in EPCOT next week :) Also doing the Behind the Seeds Tour :)

    Definitely worth the time and effort for KTTK! :)