Monday, April 01, 2013

Dressing for Disney World

A few weeks ago I was packing for a trip to Walt Disney World, and I mentioned my packing spreadsheet.  A friend laughed and asked about it.  I patiently explained that packing for Disney isn't like packing for any other trip. If anything, it's like packing for a marathon! You have to be ready for anything. Most importantly, though, you have to be comfortable BUT photo-ready in the parks.

So, yes, I have a spreadsheet to help make sure I get all of my electronics chargers, possibly needed medications, and clothing options to Orlando with me, BUT it's very specific.  For instance, I always pack some shirts I've made just for the trip:

All time favorite shirt I've made
This was the family shirt for the trip that year. 
3 years later, and I still wear this sweatshirt. Photoshop image created
by me, and I hand-blinged it. Total labor of love. :)

The customized t-shirts definitely make the trip more special, and they look really neat in photos.  Which brings me around to being photogenic.  I will NOT leave my resort room in the morning without full hair and makeup done. I do more makeup at WDW than I do most mornings for work.  I know that the second I walk out the door I'm likely to start taking photos of my family, dragging someone to do a PhotoPass picture with me, or taking selfies in front of the Castle.  Either way, I want how I look to match how I feel which is AMAZING!  Oh, and I always have a pair of fabulous sunglasses.  Can't stay in the Florida sunshine without those!  I'm not saying you have to wear makeup, but the photo-ops are numerous when you're in the parks.  I'll leave it at that.

The ironic thing is while I sound like I'm coming of as a pretty, pretty princess here, but my last "what I wear" item is Crocs. I'm recently 30, and I know the biggest fashion crime in my peers' eyes is Crocs (especially with socks), but I can't help it!  They're so darn comfortable, and when I'm strolling 10 miles or more a day around the parks, I need my feet to feel good.  So yes, I do wear Crocs with socks.  Before I show a scandalous pic from WDW, I will say that I don't wear my full on Crocs out in public ever (or at least much) while at home.  I wear the slip ons that people don't realize are Crocs, the ones that are ballet flats, on a regular basis.  I've worn these at the parks recently and like them for touring.  I've started wearing my cute sneakers around the parks as well.  The key is no matter what you wear on your feet, you should over-pack shoes on your Disney trip. You need a pair that you know is comfortable, and then (depending on the length of your trip) you also need one or two backups for when your dependable shoes start making a blister or rubbing funny.  Rotating shoes over the course of the days can be the difference in wanting to hop over to Epcot or wanting to call it a night at 7 pm.

That's right! I admit it! I've worn socks with Crocs! Interested in
dating me? There's the ugly truth! ;-) Good news is
I'm so pale that the white socks blend right in...

So what's in your suitcase when you go to Walt Disney World?


  1. So is this an April Fool's Joke? Posting a blank blog? LOL!

  2. OK, somehow your google account is logged in on my computer. Sorry about that... Weird.

  3. I was wondering how I commented on my blog without knowing I commented on my blog! LOL! It's posted now. I'd scheduled it for tomorrow's loop, and I forgot to go back and write it. Whoops!

  4. Joanna~ You crack me up! I have been known to wear Crocs with socks at Disney too - but, then again, I have 13 years on you. I wonder if people in their 40's are allowed to dress like that? We let my hubby wear a fanny pack at Disney sometimes too. Oh, the shame! I must tell you, though - we discovered Sketchers Go Run before our last trip and I have to say that they are WAY more comfy than Crocs! I never thought I'd say that because I've always been a sneaker hater, but these things are like wearing air - seriously! Try a pair on sometime! I even got mine in bright turquoise! LOL

  5. WOW! That Stitch shirt is fantastic! Good shoes at Disney are a must.
    Bill (Mr MouseFanDiane)

  6. I love the spreadsheet idea, I don't do that but something similar and your right you never no what your gonna need at WDW between feet hurtin and weather changes, you need a few pairs of shoes definitely. And maybe a nice pair for dinner.

  7. Great post, Joanna! Love the Crocs pic! And I've got my spreadsheet for each trip too. Even though I go all the time to Disneyland, I still need to have my spreadsheet to make sure I got everything.

    Oh, and happy 30! =)

  8. Forgot to say that the Stitch t-shirt is awesome!!! You should sell that on Etsy!

  9. Please, please, please tell me how I can get the Stitch shirt!!! Or how to get the image so I can have some screenprinted for our trip...

  10. Thanks to all the people who loved the Stitch shirt. I adore it! Sadly it's not my artwork, so I cannot sell it. I'll post the link to the artist's page on my blog's FB page though, so you could make your own with an iron-on transfer. :)

  11. I can't believe you made those shirts - SO cute, I love the blinged up Minnie one xx