Sunday, November 19, 2006

Over committed?!

I've been called over-committed to my dog. I must admit, I love him to death, and he's the center of my world right now, but that will calm down as he gets older. He's really been sick lately which makes him feel more and more mind consuming. I feel like I have someone to depend on me, be there when I get home, and give me more of a purpose. Be happy for me please. I know it's a joke, but you all have husbands, wives, and kids. I have a dog. At least I'm not moping around and feeling sorry for my single self anymore.

On that note, I fly to GA tomorrow. I'm excited and anxious. I'm petrified the dog will bark the whole flight. I was honestly looking forward to the break from him and potty breaks and accidents and play biting and ... he's really sweet, but sometimes I wish I had someone else around just to play with him. Anyways -- GA! It's really nice to be off from school. It's also nice to know pretty soon another big break is coming, and I'll get to be home that whole time. I love being home and having nothing to do. I can't wait for next summer!

Last night Elf was on, so I turned it on both TV sets, so I could watch pretty much wherever I was and started baking cookies for the potluck today. Turns out that much Christmas in one movie combined with my recently bought Christmas tree was too much to withstand (oh yeah the blaring Christmas music in all the stores yesterday added to this breakdown), and so I decorated the apartment for Christmas last night! Yep, that's right...BEFORE Thanksgiving. Here's my logic though:
1. I didn't trim the tree, I just set it up, so I'm not done...
2. Now when I get home from GA (after Thanksgiving), my home will be all Christmas cozy ready for me!
3. I have really cute stuff for Christmas that I want to enjoy longer.
4. Now instead of decorating next weekend, I can do laundry and relax! :-) whoo hoo!

I better go. I need to see if any of my bills are posted online yet, and I need to go start packing...I guess. Love you all! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Oh yeah, I've decided to post a random picture everytime I post from my laptop. I'm going to start with cakes. This is the first wedding cake I did. Fondant is bumpy, but it tasted good! (No, I didn't make the flowers...they're real.


  1. First off, no worries on the dog. I'm right there with you. We've had Macy for 3 years now. I had no idea I could be a crazy "dog person," but I am and proud of it. :) I love that dog!

  2. Joanna, no one said that your committment to Sprinkles was a bad thing, its just another character trait that can be used to describe you. I think everyone of us is thrilled that you have found something that brings you happiness, because your friends want nothing more for you than for you to be happy.

    Don't be mistaken, however, all of us depend on you to some degree. Your friendship, humor, and confidence is something I rely on constantly. Sprinkles isn't the only one that needs you.

    I hope that Georgia is kind to you and that Sprinkles starts to feel better. And good for you getting Christmas started early.