Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Making an "Honest Woman" Out of Me

Yes, it's true: I'm making an honest woman out of myself. No silly, I'm not getting married! (As if!) I've put in the order to Time Warner to come hook up my own personal high speed internet in my apartment complete with WiFi, so I'll quit "borrowing" my neighbors' unsecured wifi connections. OK, it's not all about the honesty thing (although I always feel bad using what someone else is paying for without permission), but it's more about the connection not being dependable enough to stay in the chat room with my new cofcsingles friends and the added annoyance of constantly being dropped while I'm looking at something. Looks like they won't be coming out until the first of August, but I'm willing to wait a bit longer in all honesty. :-) Now for all of you living around me with no internet, you're welcome to come use mine (I LOVE VISITORS!) anytime -- be reasonable though! Yes, I will be securing my line, but if you ask nicely I'll give you the key/code/whatever you call it to use my internet. :-)

This weekend was nothing short of phenomenal! I can't fully explain how amazing it was to meet all these wonderful people from my singles' site. They were all Christians who understood the annoyance from reading the message boards, the joy in finding single friends, and the importance of fellowships with other single friends. Erin was so great to plan this weekend for us all. I spent every moment I could with my new friends, and while the love interest that was in the works for a couple of months didn't work out (sometimes personalities just don't match and that's ok), I still felt the weekend was a great success. Meanwhile, I'm back in the playing field, so yeah wish me luck with that. I had a date last night with someone not on the site, but I'm not seeing how far that one can go. I'm determined to be with someone whose spiritual beliefs match my own (on the big stuff for sure). Having open disdain for religion doesn't really win me over...

Back to this weekend -- we had a devo Friday night and played games at Erin's. I was so worried it was going to be awkward, but it wasn't really at all. Saturday we went to dinner and the Rangers game and followed it up with a trip to IHOP until the wee hours of the morning. I had so much fun! Some of us ended up visiting for a while at Erin's apartment after that. Needless to say I was soooo tired on Sunday morning. I ended up meeting up with everyone for lunch and then I went to church at Prestoncrest Sunday evening and to Saltgrass with a smaller group. I only had minor bits of time where I was really self-conscience. I just ignored that pictures were taken of me bc I hate most pictures of me lately. I'm finding it hard not to be super critical of myself in that respect. (I looked at a friend's online a bit ago -- everyone looked like they were enjoying themselves though. I just wish I could look at a picture of myself and think it looks nice...) One day I'll get over it all.

Weekend was great. Date last night was nice. Internet it coming. Tutoring is over. VBS is next week. Hurray! Life is nice.

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