Monday, July 30, 2007

The Internet Is Coming, The Internet Is Coming!

Oh yeah, it's coming! Granted I had to get a little annoyed with Time Warner before I was able to set a date for them to come out to set up the wireless and such. Turns out the "time saving" order I put in through the website wasn't entered into their database yet, so two phone calls later and an online chat with a very non-helpful representative, I have replaced my order for internet in my home. With all that said, it is coming on August 7th (no, not the 2nd as originally ordered...that would be tooooo easy)! So Thursday evening (one week plus a few days) I will be happily typing away on my new wonderful internet connection -- supposedly...

Steer over Embers (Paul's bday) was really really great. :-) We laughed a lot, and the food was phenomenal. The games at Paul and Jennifer's afterwards were really a blast as well. Good times. I also saw Hairspray (with Troy from High School Musical and Cyclops from Xmen) yesterday afternoon. I'm with Joan on this one: my face hurt from smiling and laughing so much by the end of the movie! Totally worth seeing full price. Hilarious!

By the way, my neighbors, whoever they were, that had the unsecured wireless took the advice of a recent post of mine and made their internet connection secure. Stink! Here I sit on Paul's couch using their wireless. I could have sat in the car to gank off his and Jennifer's service, but I found that to be sort of weird... ;-) Seriously though, I'm ready for my own. I'm securing mine though. Again, I'll give you the key, but I'm securing it. :-D

Better go see if the apartment complex guys really have gotten around to cleaning my carpet yet (small perk from re-signing my lease).


  1. "I could have sat in the car to gank off his and Jennifer's service."

    I have no clue what that expression means, but it doesn't sound like a very nice thing to do to anyone. :)

    Seriously, you are always welcome to come over and use our service.

  2. "Gank" is a word I use for steal. :-) "off" should have been omitted if "gank" were used in the strictest sense of the word, but as the rules don't really go with made up type words, I'm not so worried about it. :-)

  3. Just an FYI - August 7th is a Tuesday, not Thursday... I wouldn't want you to accidentally miss the 'net guys by having your days of the week mixed up...