Monday, August 06, 2007

Searching for Joanna, Part I

Today marks the start of a hopefully humorous and reoccurring series on my blog. New installations will come irregularly, so be ready for that. :-)

I've always enjoyed clicking on the visitor counter on my blog to see what people have clicked on to get to my blog. Usually it's a smattering of people who come directly here from the address bar on their browser, or it's people who click on the link to my site from other blogs. Yeah, how dull! What I live for are the google (sometimes other search engines) searches! Oh yes, I can see exactly what the people typed in the search bar. Here's what's on my list right now -- yes, the actual search words that got them here as well as my thoughts on them:

1. larae dwi - HA HA HA! LaRae was so not happy about that one!
2. i love math teacher blog - So is that you loving a math teacher or a teacher who loves math's blog?
3. church of christ singles - Are you looking for singles or the actual site?
4. Weasley’s Mourning - I used this exact phrase recently. In fact, on this person's seach, it came up as the first hit on the google list.
5. pornographic books - I was sooooo not happy about this one. It's because of the stuff I've said about postsecret. I've warned ya'll about what you might see on the link to it as well as talked about the books. :-) Hm, not a search list I want to be on...
6. math teacher costume - We look like everyone else! You want a costume to look like me?
7. gregorovich krum - Harry Potter reference
8. why is my eye burning and watering - That made me laugh; why are you looking for that whole phrase? Try not using vigamox; I hear it hurts like heck....
9. whaaaa - Really?
10. the miserable life of a public school teacher - Wait! I'm not miserable! I love my job!
11. cute teacher shoes - I'm not sure I have any of these. I'd love to know if they found any!
12. Midway high school yearbooks 2006 - I was sooo not what they were looking for.
13. gorilla scares kid lunch school - What a funny headline! Did the gorilla take the kid's lunch or just scare it during lunch at school?
14. life according to math flash project - If "life according to a high school math teacher" isn't that interesting or informative, how much could a math flash project tell you about life?
15. where to buy tummy tuck jeans Lewisville - I don't have these or know where to get them.
16. female math teachers - What a broad search. I'm one of these.
17. david krumholtz rounder - I love David Krumholtz, but I'm not sure where the rounder part came in. He's Charlie on Numb3rs.
18. Saladmaster salaries - Yes, that's my over-expensive cookware. It would be great if my cookware would add to the household and bring in a salary!
19. whaaaa - Is this the same person? As LaRae would say, "having a Boo Radley moment are we?"
20. first days for new high school math teacher - I have no advice for you on here. Sorry!
21. a week in the life of a teacher - Definitely more than a week on this blog.

Hope you enjoyed that. It makes me laugh to see what people search for and how they find my blog. Type my name and a bit about me, and I can't find my blog, but type "pornographic books" and there I am! To quote my search-reader -- WHAAAA! :-D

Internet comes tomorrow between 1 and 5 in the afternoon...supposedly.


  1. To be fair, Vigamox only burns like heck the first two or three times you use it. On an unrelated note, I like the new picture you added to the blog.

  2. Thanks, Paul! :-) It was a self portrait that actually turned out ok...

  3. What a laugh!

    I'm amazed at how many people find my blog after searching for "the worst album covers ever". It makes me giggle when they add the word 'ever' - doesn't the word 'worst' already establish that finality?

    Also, I'll be forth coming in admitting that I am going to blattantly steal the phrase "Boo Radley moment" - histerical! And I can actually picture TxMomomy saying that!

    Great post!

  4. Thanks ya'll! Wade, I think "Boo Radley moment" is a phrase from a movie, so I'm not sure it's a txmommy original, but feel free to use it. :-)

    Internet update -- waited all day for the tech to come out from Time Warner. I now have wireless that works...sort of. The speed is all over the place. One second it's 54.0 Mbps and the next it's doen to 1.0 Mbps. Thankfully I noticed that before the tech left, so he is coming back tomorrow to replace the wireless router. So another day of waiting for a tech to stroll over to Lewisville...great!

  5. It never ceases to amaze me the weird things people search for. It's always fun seeing how people get to your blog. Hope all is going well for you.

    Mark <><