Monday, September 10, 2007

They're Coming!

Tonight's open house. I officially have about an hour until I have to entertain parents. I don't mind it. In fact, I really do enjoy open house -- all these lovely people coming to meet me. All these lovely people I'm making connections with so that when their kid stops doing his/her work, I have an ally. Goodness. Pure goodness. Well except for the garlic bread I ate a bit ago -- should have rethought that one....

Anyways, what a blog entry without hearing about the latest way my eye has decided to betray me? Today I noticed my vision was blurry in my right eye. That's a lie. I'm starting with a lie! I really noticed it about 2 weeks ago, but I kept taking out my contacts and washing them and trying to ignore it as I squinted through notes, so I could see the white board from the back of the room! But most recently I had my contacts out for about 4 days, and this morning I put a fresh pair in. Did NOT help. By lunch today I had a headache and was ready to scream. Finally found an eye doctor, waged war with the receptionist once I got there (she thought my blurry vision was bc my prescription changed.... nope), and got in to see a doctor. It's GPC. Allergy related gunk that will have my contacts out for a week (that's attractive, eh?) and drops in my eyes. Thankfully not Vigamox (bc we all know that burns like heck)! But drops and a follow up on Monday. My eyes hate me.

Know what else hates me? Technology. Seriously this smart board in my room is the bane of my existence right now, and in all honesty, it's really not that smart! Argh! I think my breaking point was this afternoon. It worked FINALLY this morning, and as I taught I could see the interference (which was the original issue) sort of creeping across the board until it totally took over and crashed my computer. Oh yeah CRASHED... in the middle of notes. Now you'd think the kids would take advantage of this interruption, but no I stopped all thoughts of chatting while I got the technology up by stomping my foot and literally screaming in frustration! That's right, I let out a good yell/growl and then laughed bc what else can you do??? It's now hanging by a few hooks -- ready to fall on me during my first class of parents I'm sure. That's how smart it is. It knows the best possible time to crash -- literally.

I better be off. Oh yeah the bad news from last post: Terry sold the comic book shop. So sad! Kris is staying on as manager, and the new guy, Neil, seems really nice, but it won't be the same. You could always tell it was a dream of Terry's to have this shop. The atmosphere was more fun with him in the shop. Granted he says he's now going to be around to actually buy comics, and he seems much happier now that it's sold. I know it's for his family and bc his other job is taking a lot of time... but it will always be "Terry's" to me. (Yes Paul, I stole that from you....)

Wish I had more of interest to say, but what is there to say when I'm spending 10 + hours at work daily??? I'm cutting back next week. I'm also going back to the gym next week. I'm getting all these papers and such under control finally. One more grant to write and I should be golden... for a while.

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