Sunday, September 02, 2007

WAIT! Did my summer just end?!

Seriously, I've been a bit shell-shocked that my summer is over. It's not that I'm not in the swing of things again at school. It's more that I'm back in the swing of things at school, and I've made the transition shockingly well! School is going great! A+ group of kiddos to work with. First test starts on Tuesday, so we've been FLYING through material. Between all the new technology in my classroom (more is coming!), family being in town starting last Wednesday night, and the curriculum moving so fast, I haven't had a spare moment to sit down much less to write a blog entry. Things are good.

One thing is not so good, but it's not my announcement to make, so I'll address it sometime after Wednesday. Yes Paul, it has to do with comics. No Paul, not telling until we get comics on Wednesday.

Love life is slowing down (not by choice - per usual), and sleep deprivation is starting to kick in. The naps in the afternoon are helping though. Granted that means all I do is sleep, work, and eat. Not the life I love. Things are good though.

Mom, Dad, and Nana are in town. I bought curtains for my living room and bedroom at IKEA tonight, so we'll be hanging those tomorrow. I also picked out my Christmas present -- a headboard and footboard for my bed. Now if December can only get here. lol. I heart IKEA. Things are good.

Hm...what else is going on? Nothing really. I'm trying to be braver, stronger, more spiritual, more forgiving, less worrisome, less bothered. I'm trying to be better... to be good. Yep, things are good. Gonna go bask in the goodness now.


  1. Okay, you've got me nervous. For the sake of clarity, let me remind you of what you wrote last post:

    "Realistically speaking, which is something I strive to do normally, there are luxuries that I spend too much on, but I refuse to cut down on:

    5. Comics:"

    I'm just saying!

  2. Ha ha ha, Paul! OK, let me quote my post "but i's not my announcement to make." Yep. It's not that I'm stopping comics. ARE YOU CRAZY? Lol. It is news that affects you though. Hey, don't comics come out on Thursday this week?

  3. Well, I'm relieved, but more intrigued. Somehow no less nervous, but I can wait until Wednesday, or Thursday as the case may be. I think you're right about the delay, but not confident enough to just wait.

  4. It's Thursday. I double-checked with Kris.

  5. Drats! Actually that's okay since, with in-laws and friends in town, I haven't had a chance to finish last weeks haul yet.

  6. Yeah, I finished last week's tiny haul (bad week), but I'm not sure I'll be able to go with you this Thursday. I might end up meeting you there again. I dunno. It's a tutoring day.