Saturday, October 27, 2007

Beyond Words

Joanna is beyond words. That's what my "status" on says right now.

I got the call today that my grandmother (my mom's mother who lived in Michigan) passed away this morning. LaRae and I will be in Michigan (and travelling) Monday through Wednesday. Grandma had Lou Gehrig's Disease, but ironically it was a fall from her lift chair that caused her death. The shock my family has felt at this news is quite immense. It's not how we expected this to happen.

Five years ago this November, my Daddy Ray (my father's father) passed away. I was asked to speak at his funeral. Now almost 5 years later my mother has informed me that my grandmother specifically requested that I speak at her funeral. I am honored and am already forming my speech (is it a speech?) as I sit here. So many good memories of my grandmother are coming to mind that I want, no I need, to share. I'm going to wait to talk about her on here until I get back from Michigan. I think it would be best to simply post what I say at the funeral as a tribute to her. I helped teach her how to use the computer - it seems fitting to post something online in her memory.

Please keep us in your prayers.

I have an inexplicable desire to read Harry Potter.


  1. We were so sorry to hear about the loss of your grandmother. We'll pray for your family this week and for safe travels.

  2. Sorry for your loss.

    We'll be praying that you get through your speech and are able to express your thoughts.

    Safe travels!