Sunday, October 07, 2007


Lately it's been very rare for me to be out and out bored. With work going full tilt and on and off dating someone and going out with friends, who has time to be bored? Me... right now. :-) Not just bored but like wandering the apartment with no motivation to do anything bored. I have papers to grade, but I'm looking for something fun to do. I've contacted about all of my "go do something with" friends to see if anyone will go to IKEA tomorrow with me (I have the day off), but no luck. I think I'll get up and go alone in the morning maybe. I actually have some things I need there.

So back to bored. Yes, I have papers to grade. Yes, I've taken a nap and watched more TV than I need to. The dog is bored. He's wandering looking for something to do. Tiring him out with fetch may take 15 minutes tops. Ah the joys of a tiny dog. :-) Maybe I'll take him for a walk. I think we both need some fresh air. Maybe I'll go to WalMart. I think there was something I needed there.

HOLD THE PHONE! Ever have a moment where God just swoops into your life and shows Himself? This is small, but I just got a call from Joan, a friend from the site (can I just call it "the site" now and you know which one??), and on a whim I asked her to go to IKEA with me tomorrow. She's never been (I so heart IKEA virgins!), and so depending on when her job interview is tomorrow we're going to go to IKEA together. Hurray! Here I am feeling all alone and sorry for myself and God sends me a friend to spend time with. I know it's small, but isn't there a book about God being in the small stuff? :-)

Anyways, I'm still bored tonight, but I do think I'll go to WalMart and take the dog for a walk and in general... move about. Hope you're all having a blessed Sunday, and for those of you lucky enough to get tomorrow off -- have fun!


  1. My theory on IKEA is that you have to go with a specific need in mind. The first time I went, I was completely overwhelmed and left with a random package of cheap straws and paper napkins.

    Enjoy your day off!

  2. I am so glad you found an IKEA friend! Jennifer and I were feeling guilty about not taking the trip with you, but now you don't need us. I hope your day off was great!

  3. LOL Joanna, loved the blog. Glad I could help you out of your boredom! I enjoyed our outing. We should do it more often.

    On a side note, have you noticed our blogs match? LOL