Saturday, December 08, 2007

Searching for Joanna, Part II

It's been long in coming, but I thought I'd do another posting of phrases people have typed into a search engine to make it to my blog. I always enjoy reading these. :-)I'm listing them by category this time!

1. math Christmas shirts -- do we have different shirts for Christmas?
2. I need words for Christmas for my school -- is this a plea of desperation for a HW problem?
3. Christmas math comics -- again, are there special math ones?
4. CHRISTMAS FOR HIGH SCHOOL MATH -- yes, it was in all caps on the search

5. when ducks attack -- more people than me have this issue?!
6. god rubber duck pictures -- no offense, but God's not a rubber duck
7. no of ducks math -- I don't get it

Contact Advice
8. contact overwear sick -- yes, this makes your eyes sick
9. eye drops and contact overwear -- vigamoxx burns like heck by the way!

Random Animals
10. the other sister swan costume -- nope, don't own one of these
11. realistic gorilla suit -- sorry not one of these either
12. gorilla scares -- ah yes, but who did he scare?

Random ... just Random
13. the saying making an honest woman when getting married -- you really don't know where this comes from???
14. making message to a woman -- what message would you like to make?
15. churchofchristsingles -- yes, we go by this name all as one word...
16. FAR CRY inferno 3 elevator stuck -- I'm sure this has meaning to someone
17. right to shoes -- we all have a right to shoes, single women more than others though...
18. who invented icing -- I've actually tried to find the answer to this
19. changing a boy’s diaper -- I got nothing here as I've only changed Joshua twice for fear that he'll pee on me
20. message-to-anyone-who-likes-to-fwd -- who teaches you people how to search properly?!

Teacher Related
21. get well soon teacher -- thanks! I needed those well wishes a week ago
22. good happy birthday letter to a teacher -- we like happy birthday wishes that most everyone else like; teaching doesn't change that!
23. teacher making out -- excuse me?! Who looks for this, and when they do, what are they expecting to find?
24. rubber duck teacher -- I'm sorry I don't teach rubber ducks; in fact I was completely unaware they were in need of a teacher
25. teacher of the knee -- again, something I don't teach... and didn't realize needed a teacher
26. teacher bad at maths -- yes well you're bad at spellingS
27. will I like being a math teacher -- ohm ohm, oh magic 8 ball called Google.... give me my answer please... ohm ohhmmmm.
28. being a high school math teacher -- like "the state of"?
29. pictures of math teacher -- again, we look like most everyone else
30. math teacher blog -- was not impressed people found me this way
31. 1st year math teacher salary -- try checking the school district's website; sadly math teachers get paid the same as other teachers
32. fun in high school math class -- really? where? :-)
33. math teachers burnout -- it's not just math teachers...

OK, so most of these weren't as good as previous ones, but there were some real gems in there. Mostly I look at how people found me and think, "wow that was luck" because mostly I look at what they typed into the search bar and wonder what they were really thinking they were looking for and who in the world taught them a good way to search! :-) Hope you're all having a lovely December.

Coming soon: Adventures in Joanna-land where our brave heroine conquers the world of keys locked in cars with her faithful friend Paul. :-)


  1. Ha!

    I really love reading the Google search results! Such a great idea!

    I've been working on another post of my own if you don't mind!

    Don't worry - I'll give you credit as always!

  2. 27 was my favorite - especially your commentary about it. :-D

  3. Thanks ya'll! It sure is easy being funny when someone else really does all the work for you. :-) Piggyback all you want, Wade--search results are great!

  4. Maybe one day I'll get to see God's rubber duck. :-)