Thursday, December 27, 2007

Crash into Me

I'd post pictures of this, but I don't have the link at home to put the pictures on my computer.

So today I decided to go have lunch with Julie. Since I wasn't in a huge hurry, I took time to get gas on the way and try a different route to I-35 to scope out for work. Little did I know that bit of time would really put me in the wrong place at the wrong time. I was listening to my "Celtic Woman" CD and trying to get on the 35 service road (at Corporate) when the car in the left lane on the service road decided to get in the lane I wanted in (the right lane). So I briefly took my foot off the brake and put it back when I realized it wasn't safe to pull out. Next thing I know my body is flailing about in my car, my hair is flying every which way, and my headband and cell phone have flown goodness knows where. I got rear ended real real hard. Honestly I thought the guy on the service road would then crash into me, and I would die...thankfully that didn't happen. The guy who hit me motioned for me to follow him, so we went to exchange info. Being thoughtful, I quickly called Julie to tell her I'd be late for lunch! Can we say "Joanna was in SHOCK"!? Yes, in my shock I actually recall thinking, maybe that didn't really mess my car up much... riiiiiight....

The damage to Frodo, yes my car has a name, was great. The trunk is smashed in (won't open), the bumper is ruined, the right tail-light is somewhere on the service road still, the right back side panel has buckled, and get this -- the driver's seat is broken. Yep, the force he hit me with caused my body to slam back and forth that hard! I really felt a bit like a ragdoll. When I got back in my car I realized the seat back was totally reclined. Driving to Julie's (after the said exchange of info), I noticed my feet didn't quite reach the pedals. I thought that was due to the seat being laid back. Nope - I think I locked my knees (something we're always told not to do in band camp, so it's a wonder I did it now) and actually slammed my seat back a couple of inches! So yeah, the seat is broken. I told the guy's insurance it's not drivable since that can't be very safe. Tomorrow morning the insurance adjustor is coming to talk to me about it all and to see the car. I've got to see a doctor tomorrow as well because I'm in quite a bit of pain and pretty stiff in the neck and shoulders.

Big question: will they total my car? If so, how much will they give me? I have a hard time believing they're going to fix all of the above issues on a 1999 Chevy Cavalier cheaper than they can just pay it out. I've already been looking online at cars. If I have to get a new one, and I get it before December is over, I can get a year end deal. I am sooooo desiring a Nissan Murano, but unless it's an amazing deal, I can't afford that. So my back ups are a Honda CR-V or a Ford Escape. Both pretty, both nice... we'll see.

I've never been in a car accident before. I don't ever want to be in one again, but I must say, I have to be one of the nicest people to get in a wreck with. The poor guy kept apologizing, and I kept saying, "it's ok, accidents happen... it will all work out." See. Isn't that nice? :-) Really though this is another of those "firsts" in the adult world that I have to deal with on my own. Mom said she wished she was here to hug me and help me... maybe it's best I figure this out on my own (for the most part) -- it will probably help me be more independent in the long run. Please pray it does all work out and that the soreness goes away and thank God I'm ok for the most part.


  1. Oh my goodness Joanna. I'm so sorry! That had to be really scary. I'm glad you're going to be OK.

  2. Thanks Kelly. It was really really scary. :-(

  3. Hey Joanna,

    Wow! I'm sorry that happened! Glad you're OK, albeit a little stiff!

    Good luck on the car search - you're right, this is the best time of the year to get a new car!

    Take it easy!


  4. You know Wade, it's funny how God looks out for us even when disaster strikes. Yesterday I was telling a friend, this is the best time for this to happen to me. I'm still off work for about a week, and if I have to get a car this is the best time to get one. So through it all, I have to give kudos to the Big Guy: His timing is always best.

  5. So, since I'm still stuck home sick, I thought "let me read Joanna's blog, she always has fun banter on her blog". But no! I learn my friend has been hurt! I'm sad to hear this. Let me know if I can do anything for you.