Friday, June 04, 2010

But I Don't Have Any Makeup On!

I fly solo for the most part: I shop on my own, I go to the pool alone, I take care of my car and my dog all on my own... you get the picture. So tonight, it seemed normal to go to Wal-Mart alone to get groceries. Actually, I've started enjoying grocery shopping again. I make a careful list for the week, get out my headphones, and shop to my fave music on my iPhone. (Tonight it was Fall Out Boy.) Typically grocery shopping is one of those tasks that I get a feeling of accomplishment from: look at all I got to make yummy food and for an awesome low price! Tonight I left with a different feeling.

My list called for a bunch of produce and quite a few refrigerated products, so I went to the baking aisle first. As I was deciding between EVO and Light (tasting) Olive Oil, I noticed a man watching me. He was of average looks and about my age, if not a little older. I thought he needed oil to be honest. Next thing I know, he's approaching me, and this conversation (or something similar) takes place:

Him: Ma'am, I just have to stop you and tell you how pretty you are!

Me: Umm... thanks. *starts walking towards powdered sugar*

Him: I just knew I wanted to stop and talk to you. I'm _________ (promptly forgot his name). And you are?

Me: *figuring first name is ok* Joanna. *shakes hand and starts walking a bit*

Him: Joanna, you are so lovely. How old are you?

Me: *clueless and figuring age is ok and I hate being rude* 27

Him: Me too! (yeah right) When's your birthday?

Me: February *starts to walk away AGAIN!*

Him: Mine too! Wow! What day?
(At this point I'm uncomfortable and just want out of the situation.)

Me: 22nd. It was nice meeting you... *trails off and starts to walk away*

Him: *at this point so persistant that I'm sure he's up to something* Mine is _____ (again, promptly forgot). Well, I'm new to town, and I run a private security service. *At this point I'm looking at his hands for his card to come out, but instead he's got his cell phone.*

Me: *rather faintly* Oh? That's nice. *starts looking around to walk away*

Him: Can I give you my number? I'm looking for some friends or really a date, and I'd love for you to call me sometime. *pulls up cell*

(At this point I'm freaking out mentally, so I blurt out the following:)

Me: Oh thank you but I'm not interested (here and starts to insist on giving me his number and I say) and I'm already seeing someone! (OK, that's not entirely truthful...) Nice meeting you though!

Him: *backs off immediately* Oh! OK! Well it was nice meeting you too! Hope you have a nice evening.

I immediately walked away and one song later I realized I couldn't figure out what cleaner I needed to buy for my sinks because I was so taken off guard by the whole thing. Here's why:
1. I've never been hit on in a grocery store (or out in public by a stranger anywhere).
2. My hair is in a ponytail, and I've got no make-up on tonight. I don't exude enough confidence to make up for that really...
3. I'm immediately wary of someone whose intro line is about how pretty I am.
4. He was soooo persistant as I clearly wanted to walk away.

Here's how I handled it all (after I called Tracy). While talking to Tracy, I checked my purse. Everything was still in it and in my wallet. (Whew - not a con artist distracting me for a partner to steal my stuff.) I then continued shopping, but I was VERY aware of my surroundings and stayed on the look out for him. I started wondering if he might wait outside and follow me to my car or approach me again. I swear that man had some sort of hidden agenda. Then when I went to check out, this nice man named Justin was my cashier. When he asked if I found everything I needed tonight, I hesitated and then briefly described the experience. I admitted I was a little scared to walk to my car alone, and he turned his light off and said he'd personally walk me to my car. So sweet, and he helped me load my groceries! I'll be calling Wal-Mart in a little while to tell them how great a worker he is. I never saw any other sign of my "hit man".

The critics' opinions:
Tracy - I called her as I was pondering the usually easy choice of cleaners. She exclaimed that I shouldn't have given him as much info as I did and was as alarmed at the situation as I was. Like the bestie she is, she allowed me to freak out a bit and then told me I'd be ok and to be away of my surroundings.

Mom - I called home as soon as I was in my locked car. She thinks it was weird too. Like Tracy, she was not a fan of me giving so much info (for heaven's sake what's he going to do with my first name, age, and bday???). Sorry, I'm kinda friendly and trusting like that. Like me, she thinks I'm safe but was relieved that I asked someone to walk me out of the store.

Dad - He was not surprised someone would hit on me because his little girl IS pretty. (I told him he has to say that bc I'm 50% Mom, and he's attracted to her, so of course he'd think she'd make pretty kids.) He's heard that some people pick up dates at the grocery store, and as long as this man wasn't trying to solicit something or seemed threatening, I shouldn't have worried. He obviously just wanted a date. (Suuuuurrrre Dad... sweet notion, but I'm still not buying it.) Wait, where did my dad get that dating advice and why?! Ha!

All in all, it just ends up being another weird story for my blog like LaRae making me scream obsenities, The Box of Doom, and Leash Law outrage! So what do you think? Would it have creeped you out, or would you have taken it as a compliment?


  1. I'm sure it's MY opinion you're seeking :) First of all, it was creepy. I think you stopped it at the appropriate point, though. Even if he was a sincerely nice person, if his "meeting" style makes you feel oogie, he's not the guy for you, so no losses there.

    Secondly, you (and me, too, as this is a mini-sermon to myself as well), have to start thinking of yourself as pretty and not be suspicious when people tell you that! You are pretty. Say it aloud. :) More than that, you are a strong independent woman, and that is an attractive quality. I think you should turn this into a confidence-builder!

    Now, tell us more about this Justin... :)

  2. LOL Thanks Jill! He was simply a kind worker, nothing more nothing less. :)