Friday, March 04, 2011

The Top 28 Animated Disney Films (Part III: #10-1)

Finally we’ve reached the end of the “Joanna Ranks the Disney Movies She Loves” blog series! Somehow I’m finding my voice as a Disney blogger which is not something I really expected, but I’m enjoying it. Hope you are too! Here we go with the Top 10 Disney Animated Films (made in my lifetime):

#10: The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996) – Bet you didn’t see that one coming, did you? Most would not even put this movie on the list. I know it’s full of dark themes, but I adore Esmeralda and her song “God Help the Outcasts”. The music in this movie is beautiful. If I were to dress up as a Disney character, I’d pick Esmeralda. Goodness knows I could totally get my hair as big as hers!

#9: Wall-E (2008) – Another movie I didn’t want to see but went because my niece and nephew loved it. After all, how could Disney make a robot that doesn’t actually speak entertaining? Watch this movie and find out. The lesson in this movie is top notch as well, and we should all pay more attention to it. (Part that made me laugh uncontrollably: Wall-E getting his "hand" stuck under Eve's arm!)

#8: Up (2009) – Squirrel!!

#7: Tangled (2010) – My brother-in-law called this the “best princess movie ever” and while I won’t go quite that far, I will say it was endearing, entertaining, energetic, and I need more “e” words. The music alone is phenomenal! The horse cracked me up more than anything else. (After reading this list are you surprised the animal in the movie stole my heart?)

#6: Beauty and the Beast (1991) – I remember seeing this movie in the theater and loving Belle. A princess who loves books as much as I do, is highly intelligent, is brunette (because there are too many blondes!), and wears some rockin’ dresses? Awesome.

#5: Tarzan (1999) – The music in this movie is what pulls it from the bottom of the list to the top. Phil Collins hit a homerun with this score, and at the time I was obsessed (and that’s putting it lightly) with *NSYNC who had a track on the CD. Jane also made this movie for me: “And Daddy! They took my boot!” Wouldn’t we all like to look that fabulous while hiking through the jungle?

#4: The Little Mermaid (1989) – Now this was the princess movie of my childhood. I always wanted to be a “Part of [Her] World” and pretended to swim like a mermaid in the pool. I wanted hair like Ariel’s and a voice just as golden. (By the way, a part of me died when Disney characters stopped singing.) Her prince actually had some excellent character development going on too! Oh and her dress at the end of the movie looked like it was made of glitter, and if you know me at all, you know that I want that dress!

#3: The Emperor’s New Groove (2000) – When I saw this movie (finally) in college (Whitney made me watch it) I couldn’t stop laughing! Something about a sarcastic llama does it for me every time. It’s my cheer up movie after a bad day, and I have been known to yell out “you threw off my groove!” from time to time. (I’m always delighted when someone actually *gets* where that’s from.)

#2: Lilo & Stitch (2002) – Another “Whitney made me watch it” college film and another huge favorite. (Thanks Whitney!) I finished the movie having a new character favorite to rival Tinker Bell. Stitch was such a perfectly adorable, almost dog-like, alien that I wanted to take him home to live with me. The phrase “Ohana means family and family means no one gets left behind” is wildly overused now, but I do still hold this movie close to my heart.

#1: Aladdin (1992) – Aladdin was my first cartoon crush. Seriously, to use my sister’s word, I “lurv”ed him! Robin Williams as the Genie was hilarious; Steve from Full House as Aladdin was an added bonus. While Jasmine was part of the show, for once we had a star who wasn’t the princess. I remember a friend’s mom being so mad that Jafar got so much screen time and ranting about how awful the movie was. I couldn’t stop smiling though as I pretended I was staying “one jump ahead of the lawman!”

There you have it! That’s the end of my Top Disney Films lists. What are your top Disney animated films? Did I hit the nail on the head or totally miss?

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