Monday, February 28, 2011

The Top 28 Animated Disney Films (Part II: #20-11)

I can tell this Middle 10 on my Top 28 Disney Animated Films list is going to be controversial. I’ve included not one, but TWO straight to DVD movies in this section.

(Why 28 you ask? Because that's the age I turned last Tuesday.)

#20: The Incredibles (2004) – One phrase: “Woman! Where is my Super Suit?!”

#19: Tinker Bell (2008) – I LOVE Tinker Bell, but recently she’s been given an attitude (in merchandise) that frankly, I don’t like. This movie reminds us that she’s sassy but SWEET. Loved getting to see my favorite character in her origin story (her First Class, if you will), and I’ve enjoyed the sequels that followed. I admit that while watching the third movie, The Great Fairy Rescue, I tweeted, "That child's flying at an insanely high altitude trusting on glitter alone to keep her afloat. #tinkerbell #fairyrescue" I think it's a fair statement. ;-)

#18: Cars (2006) – I refused to watch this (“They don’t have arms!”) until it became Joshua’s favorite movie, and who can turn that sweet little boy down? Mater is hilarious! Normally if someone said Larry the Cable Guy was going to do a kids’ movie, I’d be skeptical, but he was the perfect choice for this.

#17: Pocahontas II (1998) – Nope, regular old Pocahontas didn’t make the list (despite some nice music) because it was highly historically inaccurate and that bugged the heck out of me. OK I also lost a solo in 8th grade on the clarinet because I didn’t slur the notes right in "Colors of the Wind", and I’ve hated that song ever since. Not bitter... not bitter... moving on… This movie at least had Pocahontas visit England and marry the right man, John Rolfe. I appreciated Disney’s attempt to make things right after all.

#16: Hercules (1997) – Why is this movie so high on the list? Megara. More specifically her sarcasm, her “I can do it for myself” attitude, and her singing “I Won’t Say I’m in Love” which is one of my absolute favorite Disney songs.

#15: The Lion King (1994) – As a kid I loved The Lion King video game for SNES. That might be one of the only reasons this movie is high on the list.

#14: Toy Story (1995) – (1, 2, & 3) This movie made me go find Night Night Bear and Russ Dog, hug them tight, and tuck them into a safer place in my closet. Everyone I know had that one special childhood toy, and this movie epitomized that bond perfectly. I get choked up at the end of the 3rd movie every time I see it.

#13: Mulan (1998) – Finally a Disney princess (who’s not actually a princess) who isn’t waiting on a man to fix her problems! This gal will mess up, make a fool of herself, risk personal injury and death before she’ll give up on helping her family! You go girl! (What? It felt like a “you go girl” moment! No? >_<)

#12: The Rescuers Down Under (1990) – I think this was the first time I saw a movie use my name (Joanna) and it was the name of a lizard. *crickets chirping* Sigh. OK, I’ll take it. My cousins LOVED that fact and teased me constantly calling out “those are NOT Joanna eggs!” Honestly if given the chance they still do that.

#11: Oliver and Company (1988) – On my first visit to Walt Disney World I was allowed to get one stuffed animal. I chose Georgette, the prissy, purple poodle from this movie. Singing dogs and cats are always a win.

Final blog post coming up will count down my Top 10 Disney Animated Films. We’ve ruled out 10 more. Anyone getting a better notion of what my favorite one will be?


  1. Reading these lists makes me wonder, why can't Mickey get a decent movie? They throw a lot of effort into these other franchises, how about a big feature for the biggest cheese?

  2. That's a fair point. :) I guess one could argue that he got "Fantasia".