Tuesday, February 05, 2013

My Favorite Disney Photo

When I think about my favorite Disney photo, a few com to mind.  Despite wanting to go with the typical "photo with a sweet story behind it," I've decided to share one of a different sort.

This is my current favorite Disney photo!
When we went on our trip to Walt Disney World in November, I borrowed my sister's DSLR "fancy pants" camera. I spent the cruise and trip snapping photos of EVERYTHING. I had hundreds of photos from each day, and each night I loaded them all to my iPad to delete the "bad" ones.  I experimented with camera settings and angles the whole trip.

The photo above started as this:
Plain, boring, framed in the center, has a tourist in the shot... Yes, it shows the whole circus car, but it's not that interesting.  Then I stopped, tilted the camera, and zoomed in, and I got the shot up top.  I love it!  It's my current desktop background at work.  Is it Tom Bricker, my favorite Disney photographer, quality?  Not even close!  Is it perfect?  Nope!  I look at it and see the shadows, and I wish I hadn't cut the word "Elephants" off, but it invokes (in me at least) the sense of whimsy I felt when I was standing in the middle of Storybook Circus.  

So I encourage you, on your next trip, to look for the non-typical shot.  Get close, change up the angle, and enjoy the surprising results!


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  2. I figured it was tilted to show Dumbo & Timothy's perspective after they drank from the wrong bucket.

  3. Great shot and an excellent tip! Tilting definitely makes the photo look sleeker.

    You're going to laugh at my Photo Tip series that I've got scheduled to post next week. I swear I didn't copy your tip to move in and tilt the photo!

  4. I love this photo! It just screams "fun!" I must remember this tip next time.

  5. Love those! I can't WAIT to see Storybook Circus in person!