Monday, February 18, 2013

Thanksgiving at Disney - A Trip Report - Day 2 - A Visit to the Rainforest

We woke fairly early the next morning.  Randy had taken the kids to play some Goofy Golf and work on the Midship Detective Agency, so LaRae and I could sleep in a bit and get ready in peace.  When we went out on the deck to join them, we could see land!  We were already in the Bahamas!

A tugboat came along beside us and waved at us. :)
It was chilly on deck again, but I really wanted to get to wear a sundress
on the cruise! 
I'm told I made my family look into the sun to take this photo of them! Whoops! 
I promise we could see land... somewhere...
Waiting for Grammer & Granddaddy
to come meet us for breakfast!
After a quick breakfast in the Enchanted Garden (it was right next to our cabins), we went back to the cabins to get ready for the day.  Randy, Dad, and the kids went off to other activities while Mom, LaRae, and I grabbed our swimsuits to go relax in the Rainforest Room.  LaRae had researched day passes to the spa's Rainforest Room, and when we first got to our cabins, Mom & I discovered that LaRae had treated us to a day!  It was a super sweet surprise.

I kid you not, this was the view in our Magical Porthole all day.
If you don't know why this made us laugh hysterically,
it's probably best that you don't know. Sorry... it's bad.  LOL!

Once in the spa, we were shown to the areas we could visit.  This included hot tubs, heated loungers, the actual Rainforest Room including the craziest showers I've ever been in and multiple saunas, and the locker room with the best showers on the ship.  Want a photo tour?  Well of course you do!

Water in the spa 
Two hot tubs side by side held 2 people each. Swimsuits were
mandatory.  The windows were open allowing a cool
breeze and affording us a beautiful view.
Thankfully no one else came in while we were in the hot tubs,
so Mom, LaRae, and I had them to ourselves. They were perfect!
I went back to take a few photos with the good camera. The view
was amazing from the hot tubs!

These heated loungers were amazing post-hot tubs.  We stayed on
them for quite a while!
The showers in the Rainforest Room
The showers in the Rainforest Room were something else! There were 3 or 4 showers of various sizes with no shower curtains.  They featured shower heads coming from both the ceiling and walls and had multiple settings like Southern Storm and Rainforest.  Most of the time we spent in the showers were full of squealing (when it soaked you with ice water) and laughter and us darting from one shower to the next with each other!  It was one of my favorite memories from the cruise.  We were the only ones in there, so we were free to just have fun!

Thursday I'll share what we did the rest of the second day, and next Monday you'll get another post full of food photos as we dine at Royal Palace!

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