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Thanksgiving at Universal: A Trip Report - Day 5 - Seuss Landing

See that blur by the first S? That, my friends, is why you need
to keep a soft cloth with you to clean smudges off your
camera lens. :-)

After a wonderful morning pretending to be wizards in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, my family and I moved back toward the front of the park to Seuss Landing. Crowds were getting a little thicker, but it was still evident that the locals were still home enjoying their Thanksgiving feasts with their families. Lunch was on everyone's mind. After a quick map check, we decided we needed to try Green Eggs and Ham.

The second you hit Seuss Landing, you notice that there are no straight lines. Everything is built on a curve and looks like it was taken right from the pages of a Dr. Seuss book. The building for Green Eggs and Ham was delightfully whimsical. The line was pleasantly short too. So what does green eggs and ham really look like, you ask?
The eggs were green, but the ham was its usual pink color. While full of whimsy and sustenance, this sandwich was really just that: a sandwich. I found it tasty, yet I won't seek it out again next time I go to the park. I believe the kids had chicken fingers as green food was a bit over the top even for them.

After lunch we noticed there was an interactive playground that the kids really wanted to play in. I walked through a bit to see what it was all about. I found the area to be well-kept, entertaining, and a great rest stop while our food settled. Katelyn was 8 at the time, and she found plenty to keep herself busy as did Joshua, age 5. 
Creature in the greenery
Randy climbed right along with the kids.
Josh and I both had some fun playing tic-tac-toe with this
furry creature right on his belly! The bottom center space
was a bit awkward to choose. LaRae looked over just as I
placed my palm there to make my play. I definitely got a
laugh and a weird look!
Plenty of things for kiddos to climb on (and you'll notice, plenty
of places for parents to sit)!

It was a chilly day, so we decided to move on to a few of the rides in Seuss Landing. Each attraction was based on a favorite Seuss story. Let me take you on a photo tour!

Perfect photo spot for the family!
That's me!
This was called the Seussasel.
Notice that even the rods holding the "animals" here
aren't straight! The engineering skills it must have taken
to get this land to operate safely without a straight line is mind-
boggling to me!

This thing moved FAST! 
The Sneetches Trolley ride was similar to the TTA in Magic Kingdom.
It took guests on an aboveground tour of Seuss Landing, but unlike
TTA, its speakers spout the words of Dr. Seuss instead of
telling you what it is your passing over or through.
The Sneetches is my favorite Dr. Seuss story! The queue has the entire
story page by page to read as you go! 

By riding the trolley, you are going in the Star On Machine!
My star didn't appear on my belly like these. I think the machine wasn't
functioning as it should...
The inner workings of the Star On Machine!
Trolley Car

Not pictured is the Cat in the Hat ride which takes guests through the book. Very cute, but there were quite a few things on that ride that were in disrepair. No one is perfect though. :)

Seuss Landing was decked out for Christmas already! Gorgeous as night fell!
Even the Lorax was ready for Christmas! Isn't he just adorable??

After a full tour of Seuss Landing, LaRae, Randy and Joshua decided to go ride the Amazing Adventures of Spiderman in 3D. Katelyn had no interest. While I am a HUGE Marvel fan, even inside Universal, seeing what it had to offer, I only wanted to hang out in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter! I agreed to take Katelyn with me to explore the shops in Hogsmeade while the others went to ride the Spiderman attraction. The queue over there was super long (and cell reception in the shops is lacking), so we had a TON of time to explore. Come back Friday to see all the details of the shops in Hogsmeade.

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