Friday, August 30, 2013

Thanksgiving at Disney: A Trip Report - Day 7 - Like a Grand and Miraculous Spaceship...

Spaceship Earth is one of my favorite Disney World Icons. As such, I photograph it from every angle I can as I go through Epcot. It may be a sphere, but it definitely looks different from different areas of the park! Since I had a DSLR, fancy speak for fancy camera, with me this trip, I overdosed a bit on photographing it.  I'm going to be quiet now and let y'all enjoy the beauty that is Spaceship Earth.

Do you know where I'm standing to take this photo?

What a perfect way to end this week's posts: sheer architectural beauty! What's your favorite Disney icon?

Next week we head back to Magic Kingdom and then to Disney's Hollywood Studios and back to Epcot. 


  1. Spaceship Earth is just the most amazing architectural structure in WDW. I always stop and look up in awe.

    1. Same! I mean, I love me a good castle, but there's something about SSE that holds the highest honor for me!