Friday, June 16, 2006

Movin' On Up

I've decided to move! :-) I'm changing to a different apartment within my complex. This one is on the first floor, so I don't have to dread normal tasks like taking out the trash and coming back from the grocery store. (Finally I can buy sodas and laundry detergent on the same day!!!) It's bigger by about 100 square feet. It's set up better for my stuff. My halltree will now have a spot other than in the way. The kitchen is larger, and the pantry is actually IN the kitchen, not around the corner. So much more good stuff. Anyways, I am working on finding movers for the heavy stuff -- furniture and a box of books and another of pots and pans. If any of you know of any good yet cheapish movers, let me know.

My move date is August 3rd. It's a Thursday. If any of you could come help me with the little, dishes, TV, decorative stuff...I'd really appreciate it. If not, I'll still love you. :-) I'll buy you lunch or dinner, and help any time during that day would be great. GOOD NEWS is that it's DOWN two flights of stairs and then no carrying things up stairs. :-) This later move date is due to when the apartment is finally open. I'd rather move mid-July, but this is good too. As soon as I get back from GA mid July I'll start packing, so on move day it will literally be move the junk and then I'll clean under it all. If I'm careful and take a shower the night before, I could have the bathroom clean already and most likely the kitchen.

I'm really pumped about the new apartment. I'm not excited at all about the moving part of it. LaRae has helped me doubt I'll be able to get all of the move done in one day, but I'm sort of locked into that one day to move time frame, so if any of you have stories or words of encouragement, I'd appreciate them. I've basically got from crack of dawn until midnight or so...I think it can be done even with water breaks and such. Sigh. We'll see. :-) Pray for me.

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  1. I moved two hours away in one day. Had my husband, mom and dad, brother, and his best friend. Packed the truck a room at a time, cleaned behind everyone, and had the truck unpacked at 7:00 that night. Now, not everything was in the right place, but it was all there. It CAN be done! :)