Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Update Real Quick

Let me start with a few comments on ...well...comments. I appreciate your comments, and I read them all. Part of the fun of blogging is to have friends leave comments. Given that, I will be deleting all "anonymous" comments from my site. I have gotten some very odd comments lately that add nothing to the site. Also in the past, I have found anonymous comments make people feel free to leave rude statements they normally would not make to my face. If you are going to make a statement/opinion, be bold...let me know who you are. Stand by what you say. Finally, if you're reading my site, you're probably a friend or acquaintance of mine, and when among friends, we tend to id ourselves, so you should go ahead and do so. (A codename "we" get is fine, but leave a name please.) Word verification is now on by the way.

Looked at my "dream" apartment today. Turns out it's not my dream apartment. Huge disappointment!!! I was able to get it to a lower price than expected, and everything was set to move this weekend...until I walked into the place. There are quite a few things about it that won't work, and I won't name them all here, but I'll name a few:
-Living room is toooo narrow.
-Washer/dryer area isn't configured for people to truly use it.
-Stairs to the bedroom are so steep my hobbit feet won't fit on them!
-Wasted space...
-Other junk I'll bore you with in person if you ask.
For some reason I decided not to give up there. I think I'm getting frustrated at my lack of space (and the stairs I'm paying to cool!), and I was encouraged by the ease at which I could get the prices of apartments down. So Friday LaRae is going with me to look at one apartment, and then there's another I might look at around the end of next week. Both are first floor, larger, a good price, and give me what I'm looking for (MORE SPACE!). Anyways, pray this works out. If not, the pigeons may have a halltree on my balcony to build a nest in! Oh wait, they already nested outside my bedroom window. Turns out they are birds that like to talk. They squawk at a freakishly even interval...about once every second. If I bang on the window real hard they go away long enough for me to get back to sleep; of course they come back...


  1. HI :) I stumbled upon your blog and decided to start from the beginning - just wanted to say Hi and introduce myself!

    1. Hi & welcome! My Disney posts didn't start until 2010 & 2011. Stuff this far back is very random. :) Enjoy!