Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Post Secret

My newest (and longest ever!) blog is below this one (READ IT!), but I put a new link to the right, and I wanted to send out a warning as well as an explanation before you click on it! Post Secret was started by a man named Frank Warren. He started it by leaving postcards in library books and around public places inviting strangers who found them to send him an artistic postcard with a secret on it. Some are funny, and some are serious as if the writer just needs to tell someone to get the secret off their chest. He has compiled a book of some of the best post cards he has received in to a book, and each Sunday, he posts some of the post cards he still gets. I read an article about him and his art, and I checked it out. I want that book! :-) Anyways, while the post cards are neat, they are people's secrets, so some are about sex and subjects like rape, so please don't be upset if you click on the link and read something mildly shocking. None of the items he posts appear to be pornagraphic in nature, so no worries there. :-)

You too can write a secret by reading further down on his blog for the address and specifications. What a fun little idea! :-)

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