Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Well Alright Then...

So I guess that description was me? I think it was, and while I could have looked at a lot of it as negative, I mainly saw positive traits from that color thing.

Well finals are now in full swing. I can't believe one full semester is already almost over! Last year I was in such a different state of mind than I am now. Last year I was still in panic mode trying to get everything done and make sure my kids passed. It's amazing how much of a difference one year can make in time management skills and in one's outlook on what she can handle. It's a better place to be.

OK, today's payday, and I have an odd confession to make. I LOVE paydays! No, not because I get more money to spend or anything -- because I GET to pay bills. I love paying my bills! I like to watch the balances go back to zero, or in my credit card's case, I like to watch the balances decrease. It's just a fun little numbers game to me. I get this nice feeling that I've really accomplished something big when I pay my bills. I think part of it is that the closer I get to paying off my credit card (um, yeah my Salad Master stuff is still on there...) the closer I get to saving more money each month for a new car and for a new sofa. I have money goals for the next couple of years. (Money goals being places I want to spend money once I save enough.) I want a new couch by next Christmas. I want to buy a new car this summer or next summer. I need my car to last a bit longer really... If I could get a new car this summer life would be grand...we'll see. OK, enough boring money stuff bc now I'm just thinking out loud. I'm just weird -- I like paying bills!

Mom and Dad came in last night. Their plane was delayed an hour, so I had to go get them around 10:30. Go figure it was rainy and dark, so here's what happened with that. First mistake: I brought the dog with me. Mind you, he was fastened in his car seat. Second mistake: I can't see well at night when the roads are wet. Bigger fish to fry from the mistake pond: I lost my mind when I was looking for the turn off for Terminal E. Somehow I got confused and missed turning. Then I called Randy to ask what to do bc I was heading for the South Exit, and I saw a sign for a U Turn back to the Terminals. Then the dog decided to bark non stop (I think in reaction to feeling my irritation at my stupidity. So I hang up with Randy and look for the turn off for the U Turn -- and oh yes, you guessed it, I missed the U Turn! So my phone starts ringing and it's LaRae...who just hears me saying some things I really shouldn't have said when I'm picking up the phone, and she tells me to go through the gate at the South exit and ask the guy what to do. (Oh yeah, all I had was a roll of nickels to pay the toll!) Much to everyone's surprise I think, I didn't cry at all. Turns out there was a U Turn after the exit, so I was able to go back in and find Mom and Dad. Whew. Yeah.

I've proved I can take care of myself a lot lately too:
1. I fixed my sink and garbage disposal on my own. OK I called Andrew to ask a question, but I did all the plunging and fixing. Nevermind that the reason it was messed up was because I clogged it with flour. Oh yes, you read that right, I put flour in the sink and ended up making dough.
2. I made it to the airport and back alone and in one piece. OK again a slight disaster, but I made it!
3. I fixed an issue with my apartment in one day's time to make it more comfortable for my family.
OK there's not much in all of that, but can I just say fixing my sink felt rather empowering?!

I've not really been up to much else lately. I've gotten to call and catch up with some friends, and I've gotten to take some time to relax at home. I've made it through 7 of the 40 Friends DVDs so far. I've watched each special feature as I've come to it. Turns out these DVDs have some extra scenes on them that were not shown on TV. SO FUNNY! I think the dog might go crazy if he hears "I'll be there for you" one more time. Dad is so funny with Sprinkles too. He was really playing with him last night. It just cracks me up how much he likes the dog. Mom enjoys him too, but I think she likes to watch him rather than use the hands on approach. It still amazes me that Sprinkles can come get one of their shoes or slippers and they just laugh about it. He really is their grand-dog. :-)

I better go. I've got bills to pay. ;-)


  1. "I put flour in the sink and ended up making dough."

    That may be the funniest thing I've ever read, and something I'm strongly tempted to try at home. I'm torn on the whole color thing from last post. While parts of yours seemed as if it could apply, mine sounded nothing like me, so I think it is really hit or miss.

    Have a great Christmas!

  2. I don't reccommend the making dough thing. It wasn't on purpose, and it almost ruined the garbage disposal. Now, if I were only on an episode of "I Love Lucy" it could have been really humorous to watch. :-) Besides I think if you try it at home, Jennifer might kill you...