Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Merry Christmas!

Happy Holidays everyone! It's time for my annual "here's how Christmas went" blog followed by the random "I'm lonely but I'll laugh about it with a fun TV scene" monologue. This year was awesome! First off, I had a really good time with my family. We had some yummy meals, and surprisingly, I actually pulled off making a huge Christmas dinner. (Mom helped some.) We had turkey, made from scratch mashed potatoes, corn bread, carrots, giblet gravy, and squash casserole. So good! Katelyn was so sweet, she randomly comes up to me and gives me hugs and says, "Merry Christmas Aunt Joanna" over and over. Last night she said "Aunt Joann-ie", and I said, "JoannA"...she looked at me and laughed and said "Joann-ie." Little Bear has a sense of humor. :-) Here's a picture of her and I.
Isn't she sweet?? Oh yeah, and presents: I got some cool stuff for everyone this year, but the piece de resistance was Katelyn's dress up set. I painted an old hardback suitcase and bought all the clothing in random places, and I even got some fabric for Mom to make her a cape (pink, shiny, made for the princess that she is) AND I got some of LaRae and I's old dress up clothing to add to the pile as well. Here's a couple of pics of the dress up case:
Cool huh? :-) Mom and Dad super surprised me this year. My Super Nintendo (from Christmas my 4th grade year) broke this year, and they got me a Nintendo 64 for Christmas this year. Oh yeah, still lovin' the Old School, but it's awesome! I got a lot of games (no literally they were a LOT from ebay, so I have some randomly weird games), and two controllers. So great! I got the Scene It! Friends edition, a hot chocolate electric pot, a pitcher to match my china, a Tinkerbell shirt, and other cool stuff. So great this year! I was truly surprised. Mainly I told them all year that I wanted money for my ski trip. When that fell through, I didn't have any ideas ready to tell them, so they thought outside the box this time. w00t! :-)

This morning we all got up and went after Christmas shopping. I had some "Nana money" left and decided to update my wardrobe. I ended up with 8 new shirts (6 of which are appropriate for work). OK the two "inappropriate" shirts are a neat Christmas shirt for next year (which doesn't look scary holiday sweater Christmas-y) and a shirt from the Disney store that says, "I Love Jack" (think hard on who that is....there ya go). I also got 3 new pairs of jeans (much less low rise...much more flattering) and a new leather coat. That's right no more white trash 2 sizes too big black plaid coat! I know it sounds like I got a lot this year, and I did, but I'm so thankful. I got great deals this year to have nice clothing through the rest of the cool weather. :-)

What else is going on? Not much really. I was thinking this morning about not having a significant other to share Christmas with and how c of c singles.com is doing nothing for me, and I thought about an email of encouragement I sent to someone a while ago about the reality of possibly never marrying, and I thought "that's crap...I'm full of crap...I'm alone and really sad about it." But then I started thinking about my old prospects of who I could be with, and I'm ok with not ending up with them, so to Travis, Sean, Justin, Aaron, and some I won't mention: I hope you are having a great holiday season with the ones you love. Better them than me...tee hee. :-) There are some days I am so ok with being a strong, independent woman...wait did I really just say that? I mean I am ok with being alone...some days. Other days, it's really really hard. That's no secret. But I have no prospects right now, and I need to accept that. Seriously Randy told me that I should go up and talk to this one guy, and I said, "are you insane? Don't you know that when I get around beautiful people all I can say is, 'humina humina...?!'" Lol. No really, I clam up. I need a friend like Will in Will & Grace. I saw this scene the other day, and it's how I feel a lot, and I need that friend...here read this scene:


GRACE: Hi. What do you think?
WILL: You look beautiful.
GRACE: Really? I think it needs to be taken in.
WILL: Yeah. Honey, I think maybe you need to be taken in. Sweetie, look-- Look at me. You're not getting married.
GRACE: I know. I'm never gonna wear one of these things, am I?
WILL: Sweetie. You're a beautiful, intelligent woman, and somewhere out--
GRACE: Don't give me the stock, best friend response. Be honest. This may never happen for me.
WILL: You know what? It--It may not.
GRACE: Thank you for telling me the truth.
WILL: You're welcome.
GRACE: Damn, that was harsh. [GRACE SMACKS WILL'S CHEST.] What were you thinking?
WILL: What? But-- You just ask me to--
GRACE: I don't care. You know me better than that. The next time I ask you to tell me the truth, you give me the stock best friend response.
WILL: Ok. You're beautiful, you're gonna meet a doctor tomorrow, and you'll be married by the weekend.
GRACE: Thank you.

So any takers on the best guy friend? Now really to apply for this job you must be HOT, so sweet, funny, we can leave the gay thing out, and you can just end up with me instead, eh? ;-)
Love to all of my friends who read this. :-) Hope you all had a wonderful holiday and will have a happy new year! I'll be alone for New Years, watching Friends (I've made it to the middle of season 3!), and playing with my dog. Anyone want to join me? We can play Scene it. :-)

Edit 12/27/06: I just noticed my counter as opposed to Wade and Kelly's counters. I have had my counter up half as long as them, but they each have thousands of hits. This tells me I need to get the word about my blog out better. OR I need to be less dull. OR I need to have more friends. OR I need to try to get people to actually link to my site. OR Basically I have very little friends who are interested at all in keeping up with me. Depressing...

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  1. 1. Take it from a web guy: site traffic stats are misleading. You can always twist them to mean what you like, so just consider your blog one for a "leaner, meaner, more hip-and-exclusive audience."

    2. You're going to meet a lawyer, not a doctor.