Monday, July 22, 2013

Thanksgiving at Disney - A Trip Report - Day 3 - BINGO!

Once back on board the Dream and cleaned up from our time at Castaway Cay, we all decided it was time for some adult time. I treated my sister, LaRae, to some rounds of Bingo. Up until the trip we had both been addicted to bingo apps on our iPads! My brother-in-law, Randy joined us to spend time with us, but he brought comic books to read. I thought that was a neat compromise since everyone should get to enjoy their downtime how they see fit while on a cruise. My parents did... something... and I think the kiddos went to the kids club (or else with their grandparents). I guess was so focused on bingo that I missed where everyone else ended up!

Disney lighting is never boring!

Getting going with bingo confused me a bit as there are a lot of options for buying in to the game. The bingo packages came with combos of traditional and electronic cards. I like traditional cards where I have to look for the number and punch (cover) the numbers myself. My sister was happy to use the electronic cards though, so we both ended up with what we wanted. The Cast Members who ran bingo were high energy and kept the time between numbers called from getting boring. When you're one (or was it two?) away, you stand in place. If they don't hear you call bingo before the next number, you miss out, so this helped the CMs know where to listen, and it caused bingos to be called out with even more gusto than usual! Overall it was a lively environment full of anticipation and excitement!

LaRae and her electronic cards
I used one of these cards of 3 per round and punched my numbers.
While waiting for the rounds to begin, the top of the screens flashed up fun questions for people who had paid to play in the game:  

"Joanna Crawford, will you be one of today's winners?"
Sadly neither of us won, but we did have a good time playing. Honestly one of the larger pots got split by about 17 people, so winning meant they got about $10, so we didn't feel too cheated. After all, it was fun to just play the game and be a part of the excitement!

After playing bingo, I went exploring a bit on my own promising to meet my family for dinner later at Animators Palette.  I took time looking through the onboard Art of Disney Store and did my souvenir shopping.  As you might recall from my shopping tips series, I do all of my Disney shopping at once after I've had plenty of time to look through the shops to decide what I want.  I ended up with some nice items: a Disney Cruise Line Tervis Tumblr, a DCL ornament, some DCL Vinylmation pins for the kids and myself, as well as a few other odds and ends. I also visited the Pink Lounge to finally get a glass of their Pink Champagne. While it was delicious, it was almost $20 a glass, and I forgot that if you drink it in the lounge you get to drink from a crazy fancy flute. I wish I'd stayed there to drink, but I walked the deck with it instead. My family had the camera, so I didn't get any photos of all of this, but sometimes it's nice for the photographer to get away from the viewfinder for a bit. 

Bingo: what do you say? Waste of money or fun gaming event on the ships? (This is the only "gambling" option on board Disney ships.)

Thursday's post will take you with us to our last dinner on board the ship, the one we were most excited about: Animators Palette! 

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