Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Thanksgiving at Disney - A Trip Report - Day 3 - Dining at Animator's Palette

Our final dining rotation took us to Animator's Palette, the dining room I was most looking forward to seeing along with the menu I was most looking forward to trying. Three words: Chocolate Browning Cheesecake. I'm getting ahead of myself! For this post I'm going to tell of our meal through a series of photos. Be sure to check out the captions! Will you join us for a meal?

Niece, sister, and nephew waiting outside of Animator's Palette
We were all having a hard time checking out the menu when there
was so much to look at! The lights started white, and as
the meal progressed, the became filled with colors. Notice the
paint bucket and brushes with our table number!
This bread knife is so popular that you can purchase it in the gift shop!
The bread bowl was more my style though. It's a huge collection of
hidden Mickeys! 
When you first arrive, the walls are covered with animation artwork.
Mickey is everywhere! 
The lights started getting more colorful as Crush came to various tables
to interact with guests. While we were not seated close enough to
speak with him, we got to watch. He only visited one screen at
a time while the other screens had the schools of fish making pictures.
I had been eagerly anticipating trying this appetizer: the Sesame-flavored
Rock Shrimp and Caramelized Onion Cheesecake. Wait, cheesecake?!
Yes, you read that right. It was... interesting... I felt like it was more
of a spread that needed crackers on the side.  
My sister got the BEST appetizer. We all loved the Black Truffle
Pasta Purseittes. I can't even describe how they tasted other
than wonderful!
My brother-in-law tried the Wild Mushroom Risotto and Porcini Twist.
Risotto always makes me think of the show Hell's Kitchen because
the chefs can never seem to get it right! He seemed to like it ok.
I also ordered the Baked Potato and Cheddar Cheese Soup. It was very
smooth without any chunks. After the lackluster cheesecake, I was
grateful for a palette cleanser!
Crush came close to us! 
My sister had the Lemon-Thyme Marinated Organic Chicken Breast.
After being good-naturedly made fun of for ordering "baby cow," I tried
the Animator's Trip of Veal. It was grilled tenderloin, pulled shank, and
tortellacci pasta. The tenderloin was over-cooked and tough which
is not what I'm told veal should be like. I'd give it a chance
and try it again.
I was lucky enough to snap this gem of my
brother-in-law digging in to his Cookies and Cream Sundae!
Just take a moment to check out all of the expressions in this photo! 
The Chocolate Brownie Cheesecake was my favorite part of the meal.
Delicious chocolate brownie topped with rich, smooth
cheesecake. This is what dessert should always be! 
Would it be odd to have this carpet in my living room? ;-)
Throughout the restaurant there were sculptures of various
Disney characters. I love this kind of art!
Kind of blurry thanks to the rough seas and my earlier beverage, but seriously
how much does this tile rock?!

Overall dinner at Animator's Palette was delicious, but it was not my favorite restaurant on the ship. Honestly after the amazing Prime Rib the first night in Enchanted Garden, I'm not sure any other menu items had a chance! Since we had late dining, we needed to go back to our cabins to pack up and put our luggage in the hall for pick up. The waters were VERY rough... which totally explains why this next photo looks as it does! I swear it seemed straight in my viewfinder when I took the photo!

Neverland Mermaids. That's right, just tilt your head a bit to the left...

Never disappointing, the towel animals on our bed were of the sea life variety this evening.
Stingray on my bed!
Lobster for LaRae and Randy!

After packing up my luggage, we put the kids to bed, and LaRae, Randy, and I hung out in their cabin (connected to mine & the kids). The seas were so rough that the captain made in-cabin announcements about them again. We could hear the hangers in the closet rattling, and I was having a really hard time with nausea and standing up. (Ya know it's the little things like standing up... no big deal!) Randy kindly went and got us some food to snack on since we'd never taken advantage of late night dining since dinner always ended around 9 or after. I just kept feeling like we should be eating all of this food, but I was so stuffed from meals that snacking really wasn't much of an option!

We finally headed to bed happy and content from our final full day cruising. I was eager to et off the ship the next day as the nausea was really getting to me. The whole family was excited to move on to Walt Disney World.

Next post will go up on Monday. Find out about the disembarking process and my final impressions of the cruise. Are we willing to do another Disney Cruise? 


  1. I appreciate the honest review of Animators Palette. And I have to admit my stomach is now queezy after you described the seas. I don not look forward to that!

  2. Mary - The seas were particularly rough that night, but I've heard that's unusual. No one else in my family was as queasy or unsteady as I was. I'm usually not prone to motion-sickness either, so it was just kinda weird. Next time I'll take something like Bonine for the entire trip. :)