Monday, July 29, 2013

Thanksgiving at Disney: A Trip Report - Day 4 - Great, Flaming Hot Dogs!

Obligatory Walt Disney World Gate Photo
We drove straight from the hotel in Cocoa Beach where we'd left our car to Disney's Hollywood Studios. Everyone was super excited to move from the cruise ship to the parks! This is the first time in a long time that I used more than my iPhone to take photos, so be ready for lots of photos from the DSLR!

First sign of Christmas in the Parks. I love going to Walt Disney World
during Thanksgiving because Christmas decorations are already up!

Dockside Diner
After getting through the gates, we made a beeline to get food. Breakfast had been so long ago that we felt like we were starving! Hollywood Studios isn't known for the best food on property, so when LaRae suggested we try somewhere new, we all agreed. Dockside Diner had pretzel wrapped hot dogs on its menu, and we were eager to try them. A word of caution: the line may look short, but for some reason it takes FOREVER to get food here. Randy hurried off to try to get FastPasses for Star Tours for us. Thanks to my handy Wait Times app, we knew there were no Toy Story Midway Mania passes left.
FastPass Runner!
 Randy got back before we had our food, but we were so happy to get it, that the time didn't matter much.
The kids and I had the Frankfurter in a Pretzel Roll.
LaRae had the Chicken Caesar Sandwich.
Randy opted for the Italian Sausage.
 The frankfurters had deli mustard which was too hot even for me. The kids shed some tears over the heat, and we had to remove the hot dogs from the rolls and wipe them with napkins. I actually did the same for mine! LaRae loved her sandwich, but I think Randy got the best of the options. I'm glad we tried something new. Here are the kids' review on Dockside Diner:

Thumbs Down for Katelyn (and me), but Josh gave it a thumbs up
after the hot mustard was gone from his hot dog!

After lunch we noticed that Great Movie Ride only had a 15-20 minute wait. We all walked through the queue, but Katelyn did not want to ride it, so Randy stepped out with her and Josh I think. When we got to the front of the queue, I asked the CM if we could see the Western side of the ride instead of the Mobster one since I'd seen it every other time. We only had to wait a couple of extra minutes, and it was worth it! Afterwards we went over to use our Star Tours FastPasses. Gotta love the FastPass!
Hey, Kronk! ;-) 

Animator's Courtyard is a family favorite as you can see so many characters at once. We wanted to meet Wreck it Ralph and Vanellope since we watched their movie on the Dream. We all wore our Incredibles shirts too, so we definitely wanted a photo with them!
We missed The Incredibles, but here's my Incredible Family!
Katelyn was a Vanellope fan!
I love that Disney's PhotoPass Photographers get great photos like this one!
To match my family, my shirt had Edna Mode on it with the
caption "NO CAPES!" Wreck-It Ralph has to be one of the tallest
characters I've met.

 We walked over to the Pixar area on the off chance that Toy Story Midway Mania wouldn't have a horrible queue. We weren't surprised to find it was about 2 hours long, so we grabbed some frozen treats and decided to go check in at our resort and drop off our luggage before returning for the Osbourne Lights later.

Next Post: We actually decided to stay, gasp, off property for this trip! Ever wondered about doing this yourself? The next post is definitely for you as we'll be exploring Wyndham Bonnet Creek.

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