Wednesday, October 02, 2013

30 Magical Moments: #3 Enjoy a Wine Flight in Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar

LaRae and I struggled to make sure that all 30 Magical Moments didn't revolve around food and drink. We always joke that I snack my way around the World Showcase, and I could have had all 30 Magical Moments there!  This trip LaRae suggested that we try a new quick service: Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar in Italy. See a more in depth review of Tutto Gusto on the Disney Food Blog here

I have to be honest, when we walked into Tutto Gusto, I was in a crummy mood.  We'd waited too long to eat, and I was grumpy.  LaRae smiled through my whininess and reminded me that trying a wine flight was Magical Moment #3, and everyone feels better with wine.  We share the "All Bubble All the Time" wine flight which was delightful!  I found all three wines to be fairly sweet and perfectly nice when paired with our paninis, as seen in the background below.  The sandwiches were a tad small but surprisingly filling, and I left bubbly and happy that we'd stopped in a new dining location!

Magical Moment #3

I loved the seating in Tutto Gusto. LaRae and I sat on a couch, and our table was a coffee table.  A woman nearby read a book in the corner as she dined alone, and this was a great spot to get away from the crowds to do that. The atmosphere was quiet, calm, dark, cool, and relaxing.
Disney wine cellars have great chandeliers!

There was an abundance of food and desserts in the cases, and while we were tempted by them all, we refrained.  Magical Moment #4 would take us to my favorite dessert location.  Can you guess where we were heading next?

This one was the most tempting for me!

My favorite part of the World Showcase is shopping!  Not only do you get to see amazing products from each country, but the shops also have beautiful details like this door handle leading into Il Bel Cristallo in Italy:

Even the display of Italian perfumes is gorgeous!

On the way to our next Magical Moment, we stopped in Germany for a Magical Moment for LaRae.  If you didn't guess who she was Disney Bounding as, there should be no doubt now!  Did you know that you can ask a character to teach you one of their signature poses?  LaRae asked Snow White to teach her how to pose like a princess.

Our trip happened to coincide with the Flower and Garden Festival.  I love all of the topiaries of the characters!
Every evening I identified with this character!

 Since we'd been to Walt Disney World in November, and I'd shopped WAY too much, I was mostly window shopping this trip.  However, in World Showcase (in China I believe), I found this adorable earbud plug that I couldn't resist!  I drive a Buddy Scooter, similar to a Vespa, around town, and some of my friends call me Scoot. I couldn't believe it when I saw this tiny scooter!

Friday will take us to Magical Moment #4 which is also in the World Showcase and also involves food.  I bet longtime readers of my blog know exactly where we went next!

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